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Being skinny myself for MANY years, I could feel the frustration, pain and ultimate satisfaction of this guy. What an amazing transformation. Going from what looks like a skinny hardgainer to a muscular, almost male model type. It’s a look at years of training and a nice compilation of photos of this guys weight gain.

Before I get all the hate mail, let me just say that it is just as frustrating for a hardgainer to put on the weight as it is for a person who’s overweight for several years. It’s painful, it’s embrassing and it takes an emotional. I’ve been told many times by people it’s not the same thing but that’s from people who were desperate to lose weight.

There are really people out there who are desperate to gain healthy weight.

Anyway, a bit long but a cool look at one of many [tag-tec]weight gain stories[/tag-tec]. As a person who’s gained healthy weight myself, it was one of those few YouTube videos that I could relate to.

Another of of my friends, [tag-tec]Vince Delmonte[/tag-tec], is another one of those skinny [tag-tec]hardgainer[/tag-tec] types. He’s got a neat weight gain story as well. And some weight gain tips for those in similar positions as this guy and myself years ago. His newsletter kicks butt too.

Read about Vince Delmonte’s Weight Gain Story

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