Tom Venuto vs. Jeff Anderson


“DON’T Even Think
About Buying Tom
Or Jeff’s Bodybuilding Products
Until You Read This Foolproof Review”

Chances are you’ve run across one of these two mugs on the Internet somewhere. Maybe a sales page, a review or a forum. These guys have two excellent programs but with all the “review” sites, you NEVER get the full scoop.

You are about to learn what Burn the Fat is… What Optimum Anabolics isn’t… why Tom sets the stardard… Why Jeff will build you slabs of muscle… And if I actually used these programs before I wrote this post. I gotta tell you that from the slew of “fitness” reviews I’ve seen, the guys behind the scenes doing the reviews never tried the program.Let me share with you stuff you can’t find elsewhere. But first.. what started this match up?

Eddy did. We can blame him.


I wanted to ask you about the Burn the Fat program and the Optimum Anabolics program. I’m interested in both, but I was wondering if they can both be used at the same time or if not, which you would recommend using first.

The Optimum Anabolics program sound very intriguing, but at the same time I’d really like to learn more about nutrition. If I get both programs at the same time am I going to confuse myself by trying to do too much? I’d love to hear your input (you have a good way of analyzing things that is simple and no nonsense).

Thanks for any info you have,
Eddy Rohrmeier



I can share with you the details of each program. The differences and I’ll show you so much information on each one, it’s like knowing the price the dealer paid before you buy that car. In the new few minutes, you are about to learn what the other reviews sites can’t and won’t tell you about these programs for fear they might lose a sale.

Rather than bore you with a long list of pros and cons, I’m just going to send you to the most comprehensive reviews you will find on each product along with some video details. Why are they so darn comprehensive? Because I did the programs and I spilled my guts so you don’t waste a single penny on something you might not like. If you read these reviews and still don’t know, then your only option at that point is to try them because the reviews I’ve put together are just that good.

– All resources will open in a new window –

Resource #1: The MOST comprehensive review of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle you will ever find
Click Here for Resource #1

Resource #2: A bullet point list of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
Click Here for Resource #2

Resource #3: My actual Optimum Anabolics workout Day by Day and Week by Week plus notes
Click Here for Resource #3

Resource #4: My actual Optimum Anabolics results with pictures
Click Here for Resource #4

And that should be plenty to figure out EXACTLY what each program is about and if it’s right for you.

Click Here for Burn the Fat OR Click Here for Optimum Anabolics

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