Should I consume protein and carbs after a cardio workout?


I know that I need protein after a weight workout but does this apply to cardio as well?


Yes. Post nutrition is important period. Working out with weights or doing cardio, you really should focus on good post-workout nutrition.

That means complex carbs and proteins.

Now most manuals, books and programs today will focus on post-workout nutrition AFTER a weight workout.

Nobody even mentions cardio.

It’s like do your cardio. Shower. Go on about your business.

But the fact is, you burned carbs, you worked out and if bulking you risk the chance of losing a little muscle mass if you go catabolic over anabolic.

Now I’m not saying PIG OUT. You are doing cardio to lean up and have a healthy heart.

But I’m saying that post-workout nutrition is often overlooked. And many programs don’t even talk about it.

My rule is:

If I workout, I do some type of post-workout nutrition that includes 30g of protein and 40+ grams of carbs.

Not enough to slam my body will too many calories but enough to replenish what I might have lost (energy) and keep myself anabolic and the muscles feed at all times.

Hope this helps,

Marc David

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