How important is protein to my muscles and other questions


Hello marc, I am a fan of you podcast but i have some questions about protein.

  1. How does it help with my muscules?
  2. When should i take it and what are good sources of protien?
  3. Is it true that if i take some protein shakes or bars or pills and i dont work out it will just turn into fat?
  4. Is there a certain amount i should take depending on my workout?

I think it would be great if you answered explained all these questions in a podcast for everyone to listin or you could just send me an email. thanks for your time.



Thanks Tomas! Let’s get to the answers.

How important is it? Protein is muscle. So without protein, you can’t build muscle. Muscle isn’t made up of carbs or fats. When your body breaks down and needs to repair itself, it’s demanding protein.

You should take a lean protein with every meal. Some good sources of protein are :

Whey Protein Concentrate, in bulk
Lean red meats

Anything to excess can be stored as fat. It’s a common myth to think that protein won’t be stored as fat. While not as easily stored as fat, it can and will be if you consume more then you need. It’s all about how many calories a day you need versus what you consume.

The 30g a day is crap. Works for some and not for others. Grab that Top 12 Mistakes report from the website. In there is a method to calucate your protein needs based on your activity and body fat levels. You will get a number that works for you and not some generic random number that is generally acceptable.

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