How does insulin affect protein absorption?


Hi Marc,

I wouldn’t say that I am a bodybuilder or even a workout-a-holic. I have drifted in and out of the gym for many years and have a reasonable understanding of what is required to gain results. My biggest challenge is applying what I know.

My question is about protein intake and insulin release.

I have found a protein shake that tastes really good it is none flavored protein with a small amount of instant ice tea. I know that the ice tea is empty calories and is not the best thing for me, but it really tastes good.

I do recommend it.

What I am wondering is two fold:

I know I am supposed to have a mix of complex carbs and protein post workout, but is the complex carbs from the sugar in the Ice Tea actually what I am looking for in terms of complex carbs?

What about the insulin release that takes place from the sugars in the ice tea? Is this release good for me?

How does it affect the efficiency of the protein absorption?

Will the increased insulin release affect the fat storage mechanism in my blood?

Would you recommend any improvements or modifications?

I appreciate the time you take to create your podcast. Well done and please keep it up.

R.E. Aron


I’m going to let you listen to the answer to find out!

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