Green Tea Weight Loss: Fuzzy Logic

Ever since I started drinking Green Tea (the kind you buy at a local supermarket), I’ve seen more and more claims about the green tea weight loss aspect of this product. It seems that if you simply drink a cup or more a day, you magically will drop down two jean sizes and be ready for summer with those six pack abs.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in the health benefits of green tea.   From it’s claimedgreen tea weight loss anti-aging to its potential cancer-fighting benefits, all the way to its promise as a new treatment for psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions, including dandruff and lupus-related skin lesions.

What I’m not a believer in is the exaggerated health claims of certain sites based on fuzzy logic that make green tea weight loss claims. To make it even more confusing, we have well known stars endorsing products and 900 types of green tea.

It’s not just regular green tea that is magical for weight loss, it’s this special oolong tea.  And maybe even a new line of Hoodia slimming tea to boot.


“Scientists from Japan’s University of Tokushima School of Medicine found that people who drank two cups a day of oolong experienced over 157 per cent greater fat burning results than those who drank the same amount of green tea. The study also found that energy expenditure increased by 10 per cent for a period of two hours after drinkingoolong tea. This was significantly higher than the energy expenditure observed after drinking green tea.” The Athloneadvertiser

FACT: Green tea DOES stimulate your metabolism.

FACT: There are several documented health benefits to drinking green tea

But the research is unclear as to what impact this has short or long term on the amount of body fat lost. That’s why…

It’s important to understand weight loss in relation to body composition. Weight loss is not relevant without some measurement of what’s being lost!

“If you do the math, it appears that 79 kcal a day would add up to an extra pound of fat lost every 44 days. Not much, but you’ll take it, right? Hypothetically, that would add up to an extra 8 pounds lost per year.

What advertisements quoting this study don’t tell you is that this and other similar studies did not even measure long term change in body fat percentage or bodyweight.
They only measured a 24- hour increase in energy expenditure.”

Before you hop on the next bandwagon that’s coming along and buy up all the various green teas you can in hopes of extra weight loss do a couple of things first:

1 – Look at the source. Who’s telling you about this fantastic weight loss miracle?

2 – Question the short and long term results. Not just the math that shows X pounds a year lost.

3 – Ask what percentage of body fat changed in these tests? Or did they just lose weight period which might mean muscle as well?

Here’s an excellent write-up that breaks down the fuzzy math when it comes to green tea weight loss:

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  1. Anti Aging:
    November 15, 2008 01:43 am

    would add up to an extra pound of fat lost every 44 days. Not much, but you ll take it, right? Hypothetically, that would add up to an extra 8 pounds lost per year.

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