The Fit Get Fitter and the Fat Get Fatter

Tom Venuto

Do you think Tom Venuto (pictured above) is in shape because he thinks and acts that way? Or… do you think he thinks and acts that way because he’s fit?

Maybe you’ve heard of the [tag-tec]law of attraction[/tag-tec]? I’m thinking that unless you change the way you act and think, you’ll always be the person you are and no diets, pills, powders or weight loss scams or weight gainers will change that fact.

Is losing weight or gaining muscle as simply as changing your thinking?

It could be and here’s something to think about.

People do not attract that which they want, but that which they are. – James Allen

Before you brush this off as mind games, ask your self if the guy above is fit because he acts and thinks that way or he’s a fitness fanatic because he’s in shape?

To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract. – Jim Rohn

Just imagine what you’d be like if your daily routine included the following:

* a lot of outdoor activity.
* riding a bike
* walking instead of driving for short distances
* small, frequent meals
* stopped eating the minute you felt full
* friends who were doing the same things

By 2010, 75% of Americans are predicted to be overweight! That’s a number I’m not comfortable with and I’m not willing to accept.

On one hand, I’m very encouraged by the number of people exercising today. There are more people exercising than I’ve ever seen before. On the other hand, there are more fat people today than ever before in our nation’s history. Our message isn’t reaching as many people as it needs to. – Jack LaLanne

If you are staring to wonder if you must change your thinking and your actions in order to be successful at any weight loss or fitness program, you are on track.

[tag-tec]Rob Kottenbrock[/tag-tec], who lost an incredible amount of weight, never acted slim until a day came along that completely changed his life. He grew up with bad memories of being tormented about his weight and not so great experiences with gym professionals. Like many people, he was frustrated, uncertain of what to do until a fate full day came along that altered his path.

Without a very powerful and personal reason why, it’s very difficult for someone to lose weight. There needs to be a desire, deep down that is more powerful than anything else. Losing weight is a very slow, steady and difficult process. Every day one is faced with thousands of choices that can lead to success or failure. Without a deep, burning desire fueling those choices, it’s very difficult to succeed.- Rob Kottenbrock’s Weight Loss Story

Hitting what’s sometimes called “rock bottom” is indeed a serious and powerful event that can literally change how you think and act.

How many people are on a diet today who don’t stand a chance of losing (and keeping it off) any weight because they’re still the same person who gained all that weight to start with. Let me repeat that again so you will grasp how important this is: Slim people don’t think and act the way they do because they are slim. They’re slim because they think and act that way. (Quote taken from an e-mail from a friend).

If you are overweight today or underweight, it doesn’t matter, start thinking and acting like the person you want to be. Without getting too involved in the process, if you change the way you think, you’ll start to act and when you start to take action, you will become.

Many wise teachers have said “act as if.” If you “act as if” you’re slim enough for long enough, then one day you will attract slimness even thought you may be overweight today.

“Act like the person you want to become.” – Bob Proctor

Goethe, a German philosopher said, “Before you can do something, you first must be something.”

Even the guy in the picture above had something to say about his own level of fitness in an article he wrote using a well known but little practiced technique of visualization.

“Understanding the mind’s role in motivation and behavior is one of the most critical elements in physical fitness success. If you struggle with changing habits and behaviors or if you can’t get motivated, then even the best training and nutrition program is not much help.” – Excerpt from Tom Ventuo’s The New Visualization Breakthrough: Mental Training Tactics For Health And Fitness Success

If you read the article, pay close attention to what [tag-tec]Dr. Richard Restak[/tag-tec], a neuroscientist who wrote 12 books about the human brain found out about visualization. He’ll put to rest that this stuff is cheesy or unscientific.

Not so long ago, I received this e-mail from a podcast fan. Here’s somebody who’s not a scientist, but who lost an incredible amount of weight, once again confirming that changing your thinking and believing in yourself is the key to taking action.

The key is belief. I did not and could not believe that I could be fit because I never had been. All of my self images were of a fat kid, chubby teen and a plump adult. So I had to borrow your belief in me. When my head said you won’t be able do this, I told my self ‘Marc said anybody can do this’. When I didn’t see progress, I’d listen to you podcast and remember this doesn’t mean I’m about to fail this just means I need to change something. The heart of the matter is that your actions will be based on your beliefs. – Jennifer Thomas

I had to re-read this again: The heart of the matter is that your actions will be based on your beliefs.

Let me ask you…. what do you believe?

Do you think [tag-tec]Tom Venuto[/tag-tec] is in shape because he thinks and acts that way? Or… do you think he thinks and acts that way because he’s fit?

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12 Responses to "The Fit Get Fitter and the Fat Get Fatter"

  1. Bill Viets:
    October 04, 2007 05:20 pm

    He thinks and acts that way because it’s his way of life. He’s made being fit a part of his daily routine. Example, when I started my “lifestyle change” a year ago, I did not think and act this way because I wasn’t fit yet and it wasn’t a part of my lifestyle. But, a year later, I’m addicted to reaching my goal, I’m still not where I want to be, but I most certainley think and act (and sleep, eat & breath) a healthy lifestyle knowing that eventually I’ll hit my goal of 200lbs of ripped mass! If you don’t start with your mental preparation of how and why your going to meet your goal, you’ll never get there. I still have some of my beer belly (1/2 is gone) that I had when I started, yet people at work are constantly asking me for workout and nutritional advice because they see the positive changes in the way I “Think & Act”. Just like good ol’ Tommy V.

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  2. Sarah, CPT:
    October 04, 2007 05:36 pm

    Tom “let it slide” in his college days, like anyone else. He has temptations over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, like anyone else. But he also has his mindset keeping him on the “lean and muscular” (rather then the straight and narrow), once he decided FOR the fitness lifestyle and AGAINST the partying of the college days.

    Many people think it seems corny to repeat their goals every day, to write them down, to stick pictures og their goal body all over the place; but hey guys: it works! Don’t knock it till you’ve at least given it a month of honest try-out.

    Absolutely believe that you are what you want, unless you don’t really want to change that is ….

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  3. Jeffrey Hall:
    October 04, 2007 08:23 pm

    Hi Marc,

    I think that once you start believing you can change, you can! For most of my adult life, I didn’t believe I could change. When I tried to get fit in the past, I had limited, transitory success with my fitness. Funny thing was, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I think a lot of fitness gurus who advocate fitness programs, methods, diets, and gadgets, were steering people like me, way off track.

    Now, I know that I can do it! That’s really the only difference between the old me and the new me. Since my epiphany, over the last 5 years, I’ve lost 60 pounds. I’ve been at a stable 195 for about 2 years, and I continue to improve my muscle tone and mass.

    Thought processes are definitely the key to fitness. The actual change in behavior is minuscule in comparison to the change in thinking that must occur for significant, lasting results. Believe it and you can achieve it. That’s my motto.


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  4. rick chase:
    October 05, 2007 01:27 am

    This is one of the few areas where I believe thinking can effect reality. This whole idea of positive visualization gets blown out of proportion when people begin to think they make themselves healthy and rich etc. simply by thinking (I.e. The Secret). Try selling that in Darfour or to some kid with Loukemia. They did not think themselves into those situations and it’s going to take more then just positive thinking to get out of them. However, when it comes to personal fitness, thinking is 99% of the job. The healthier and more consistently your thought life is geared towards getting in shape, the more likley you are going to be able to battle self defeating thought patterns that have kept you in obesity and poor physical shape. And the better your health becomes, the more healthy your thoughts and attitudes will become so that the whole process is self perpeuating. What an amazing thing the human mind is.

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  5. pradeep:
    October 08, 2007 06:00 am

    When you respect your body, you’ll want to stay fit and obviously you’ll think that way.. i feel sad to say that most people dont do that.. and some of them believe good nutrition alone will make them fit.. health problems are another factor.. i’ve tried for more than a year to get into shape.. of course i’ve attained it to a small extent.. but then i’ve a problem with my right shoulder, i believe its a muscle knot i’m not sure though.. i would like someone to post about this.. even though i’ve the thoughts and thinking of being fit, i’m not able to..

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  6. Kenny Mah:
    October 09, 2007 03:14 am

    I’m glad I came across your article; it’s helping me to make sense of my current situation. I used to be overweight and obsessed about losing weight but never put any real concerted effort into till I hit my early 20′s. Now, in contrast, I find myself losing too much weight and finally letting go of that old image of my old overweight self.

    Having dinner with a personal trainer friend last night, I confessed to him I no longer want to worry about gaining or losing weight or keep trying one program after another (not that there is anything inherently wrong with them), but to focus on making fitness and health a priority in my life, something as normal as waking up and brushing my teeth.

    And perhaps that is the first step toward getting there, to begin with thinking like a healthy, fit person rather than someone who’s always worried about his weight or how people might view him.

    P.S. Have heard about the Law of Attraction before but never really took notice till now. Will look it up and investigate. Thanks.

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  7. Marc:
    October 09, 2007 03:43 am

    The comments so far are right on target. And I cannot tell you how much I personally appreciate the feedback.

    Here’s one from Kenny that hit home because it’s so darn simple.

    “but to focus on making fitness and health a priority in my life, something as normal as waking up and brushing my teeth.”

    Absolutely. Once you make the smallest change, you can add one more. Pretty soon your entire life is changed in 365 days. You’d literally be a new person (inside from the cell regeneration) and mentally from all the various changes.

    It’s much smarter to take baby steps than to try and change your life overnight. That’s the #1 reason why so many gyms are crowded on January 1st, and empty by summer. Those who try and make fitness their lifestyle try and do it overnight.

    It’s entirely too much to change that quickly. It’s like:

    * moving to another state
    * having a family
    * buying a new car
    * getting a new house
    * new job
    * clothes

    Too much!

    As with anything, it’s not any different with your health. Figure out what small changes you can make until it adds up to one big lifestyle change. At the end of those 365 days, you have ‘changed your life’ slowly and so little that it doesn’t seem like a huge deal.

    It’s so simple hardly anybody looks at it that way.

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  8. Kenny Mah:
    October 09, 2007 04:55 am

    I like the idea of making small changes every day till I’m a completely new person in 365. Small, manageable, sustainable changes.

    You’re right, Marc, it is simple, but I’ve never seen it that way before… how my own expectations before were too enormous; it’d be as drastic as moving into another state as you put it.

    Right now, the Bob Proctor quote is on repeat in my head (“Act like the person you want to become.”) and I will act on that daily till it becomes true.

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  9. Sarah, CPT:
    October 09, 2007 03:21 pm

    There is also the impatience factor which ruins the efforts for many people. They tend to forget that the excess fat didn’t accumulate overnight, and will not melt overnight either. It takes time. As Tom says, when you fill a pool, the deep end is the first to be filled. When you drain it, it’s the deep end which is emptied last. Bodyfat tends to do the same, and the human “deep end” is the belly/butt area.

    Step by healthy step, that bodyfat will melt. It will have no choice.

    I’ll put that quote from Bob Proctor on repeat too great idea! We all need a reminder of how to achieve – and keep – our goals.

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  10. Eliane:
    October 11, 2007 08:50 pm

    Hello Marc,

    Beautiful article!

    Every thing is the power of “WILL” isn’t it? if I will, I can, then I will. . . very sinple.

    Best, Eliane.

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