Creatine Causes Roid Rage!?

Do you ever wonder why some people ask the craziest questions about some supplement?

Like why they’ve heard Creatine is a steroid?  Or how come Brand X protein causes a roid rage when taken by somebody male who’s young?  Or that high protein diets CAUSE kidney stones.

The answer is quite obvious.

Consumers for the most part, put forth very little effort into supplement research. To complicate matters, they don’t even know where to begin to do any research.  Most people get advice about supplements from 3 places:

* friends or friends of friends

* forums

* clerks who work at supplement shops

It’s the ONE thing fitness professionals online don’t want to talk about like religion, sex or politics.  Yet they all know the client will eventually start asking questions or learn about supplements.

At this point I see most fitness professionals do 2 things:

Choice #1: Recommend the very basis without brand names (that’s been my standard for years)

Choice #2: Recommend some supplements from their buddies shop (hell if you are going to buy them anyway, I might as well make some money).

Are you surprised that Choice #2 is what I personally see most of the time?

Why I choose choice #1 is simple.  I don’t know you well enough to tell you what substances to put into your body.  I will not recommend things without YOU doing some minimal research yourself.  I’ll be more than open and honest about my own supplement schedule as it does help some people but I’m not about to start flat out recommending things to people.

In my signature, the nickname that was given to me about 2 years ago was “The NoBull Muscle Guy.”  Mainly it’s because I am willing to tell you things nobody else wants to talk about and I’ll say what you don’t want to hear.

While there are exceptions to the rule…

I don’t take financial advice from the shoe guy at Ross and you guys shouldn’t be taking supplement advice from the clerks at the supplement shops.

You should ONLY be going in there because you KNOW two things.

#1:  What you want (brand, ingredients, ect)

#2:   Price you are willing to pay

Again, while there are exceptions to the rule, generally speaking people there know nothing more than personal experience and/or “Bro Logic” (phrase used by Will Brink) about supplements.  Being part of this blog, you should step into those shops with some knowledge of what you need.  You don’t just randomly go in, ask some person without any qualifications.. about what works for your body type.

Not only will you get ripped off, bad advice, but you could end up taking something that gives you an adverse reaction.  Who knows.

Go there with PURPOSE.

* Get in
* Get Out

If they don’t have what you need, either ask when a shipment will be in stock (they can look that up right) and then thank them and leave.  Don’t ask about creatine and kidney stones or why and how Creatine might cause a roid range.

Laugh that off quietly and Twitter about it later!

But if you are legitimately concerned.. CALL THE COMPANY in question.  Go to the source.  If there are reports of adverse effects, the FDA requires companies to record that and report.  ASK.  It’s your right and their obligation.  You have to take supplement research a bit more serious than browsing at a store.  You are putting stuff into your body and you should know something about it.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

P.S. - I wrote a very lenghtly post about How to Evaluate a Supplement. I suggest you read it and do your research before just buying the latest and greatest or what Joe/Sally said on some forum.  You’ll end up with more money in your pocket and feeling smarter.

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