Diet Help: A Step by Step Analysis


I need some diet advice. I’m in a huge rut and I’m very depressed about it. I think I need to switch up the foods I eat becaue right now I stay around 180lbs and can’t get in the 170’s. I noticed you weigh about that, so can you give me at least one day of a total days food that you ate in one day.

My Nutrition:

I eat 1650-1700 calories a day
I eat every 2-3 hours
Workout, protein drink
3 egg whites with 2 halfs of laughing cow light cheese.
EAS RTD drink
4 ounces of diced chicken breast and 1/2 can of green beans, with a cup of sugar free jello for dessert
then EAST RTD drink
then same supper as my lunch
then EAS protein drink
then before i go to sleep I drink that GNC Cassien drink
My Stats:

5’10 1/2
16-14% body fat
My Training:

I lift weight 5 days a week for about an hour and play 3 hours of basketball on tuesday nights for cardio.
I can’t pinpoint what i’m doing wrong, but I know it’s somewhere in my nutrition.
It must be something to do with eating the exact same thing everyday and my body just got used to it.  I would really appreciate i’m getting so burnt out on nutrition and not losing fat anymore that I’m really almost the point where i’m gonna stop lifting weights and eating healthy, because either way I can’t drop body fat!

You’ll have to listen/download the podcast until I get this transcribed.
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Marc David
author of NoBull Bodybuilding

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