Back Pain Management in 7 Steps

This Interview was conducted by Fitness Expert Kyle Battis and Back Pain Specialist Jesse Cannone. In it, theyback pain relief discussed how back pain sufferers can achieve fat loss while managing or improving their back pain.  What may cause back pain or herniated discs.  Here are a few things they covered in this audio:

  • Safe and effective exercises for back pain sufferers
  • Tips on Increasing Metabolism and Burning More Fat
  • How simple stretching can relieve lower back pain in only a few days
  • Fat Loss Secrets that Will Safely Speed Up the Fat Loss Process
  • Common Mistakes People Make That Keep Them in Pain
  • Click Here to Listen to the back pain audio recording

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    Jerry Stearns | GraniteHardBod 5 months ago
    Marc the points that you have mentioned are very useful.

    Also, I would like to add few more like one should always maintain good postural habits. Keeping a check on your posture and always make sure that your back is never in an awkward or uncomfortable position is a good way to avoid back pain.
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    Sure stretching may help, but it only covers about a third of the reasons why back pain occurs. No matter what stretching routine you follow, including Jesse's, you end up needing to do it constantly to keep back pain away.

    If you look to the weak muscles, joint movement in the back and pelvic balance and also stretch then you cover all the factors causing back pain. Then and only then will it disappear and not come back.

    Stretching is still good though, but it should used as part of an overall regime to correct the entire problem.

    Dr Graeme Teague
    The Back Pain Advisor
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    This post is very great. I know this would help a lot of people out there suffering from serious back pain. One of the most exhausting physical issues that can be experienced today is lower back pain. It can be very excruciating and could make it impossible to walk. People who experience this sometimes learn to live with it. Normal activities seems to be hard to do because it becomes a test to see if there are some ways to do it simpler. But good to know that back pain can be managed through back strengthening and stretching your stomach and thighs. Exercise and stretching is very important. Just remember to see your doctor first before performing any excises you plan to do in the gym or in the convenience of your home.


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