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When I got the invitation from wellness and relaxation expert, Konstantin Koss, I jumped on the opportunity to do a muscle building teleseminar. I believe that if I can get my message out there and help just one person get over a plateau or give somebody a single technique they can use to build more muscle in the gym or burn some fat this year…

Then I’ll do it.

I’m going to tell you some of the techniques I’ve used to build muscle over the last 17 years along with observations and candid conversations I’ve had with other experts and average Janes and Joes that changed their bodies.

Go Here Now and Sign Up for the Call.

Even if you cannot make it, sign up anyway to ensure you get the details on how to download the recorded call so you can listen to it later.

You’ll be able to submit your questions after that. We’re also going delve into fat loss as well, so if you’ve got questions about getting lean, don’t be shy to jump in on this call, too.

You’re also going to get access to 4 more interviews…

• Zach Even-Esh on how to gain the most amount of weight in the least possible amount of time … even if you’re totally lazy

• Nick Nilsson: On shattering genetic inhibitions … information any hardgainer would kill for

• Lee Hayward: How to get your training to the next level and pack on a guaranteed 25+ pounds in just the next 3 months

• Sebastian MacLean: How to gain muscles NATURALLY almost like you were on steroids

If you are like me, you’ll put this off.  Go now, sign up even if you can’t make it.  Use whatever e-mail address you want but get the information so you can listen live or download it later at your leisure.

Do It Now and Sign Up for the Call Even If You Can’t Make It

Good stuff – see you on the call!

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

P.S. – I’m sure that once is the call is over, there will a recording made available in case you can’t make it.  That recording and the transcript will be posted to this blog for your listening and reading.

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