Fat Burn Files Review

As the title of the 260 page ebook says, “10 Revealing, Secret Interviews With A Renegade Fitness Guru.”The Fat Burn Files

This is what makes up the most INFORMATIVE and interesting yet totally unknown book by Tom Venuto. When I got my hands on this thing and printed it out, I about crapped my pants. This is so not the Tom Venuto I was used to reading who created the very popular, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle in 2003.

The Fat Burn Files is not just about losing body fat. It contains some serious hardcore bodybuilding information about building muscle. And not your regular tips and rehash poop you find on every single bodybuilding site.

As you may or may not know, Tom Venuto has done a bang up job marketing Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle but he FAILS miserably when it came to launching this book. Sadly, he’ll be foreced to rely on my blogging skills to get the word out. My apologies Tom. I’m not a copywriter, I’m just a natural bodybuilder myself who’s been kicking himself for a long time for not writing about this sooner.

I’ve read this sucker 10 times now. Interview by interview, question by question and it’s better than anything out there. It’s different and every time I have picked this manual up to read it, I’m frustrated by my lack of skills to write effectively to tell you about it. So I’ll sum it up as best I can. And let me take some words stolen from Big Tom V himself.

You will get answers to questions about functional training versus bodybuilding training, using supersets and high density training for increased fat loss and muscle growth, pros and cons of high intensity interval cardio, secrets of weight training progression, how to maximize recovery and avoid overtraining, how to work around injuries and much, much more!

THE FAT BURN FILES is such a unique collection of information because of the way it reveals everything that DOESN’T work as well as what DOES work for burning fat and gaining muscle… all in a fascinating, entertaining personal interview format.


# Chapter 1: Mission Abdominals – Training and nutrition secrets to burn fat and chisel your six pack abs… plus the telltale warning signs that instantly expose all the diet and weight loss frauds (pgs 8 – 50 – note: A few “insiders” have already seen this interview, and anyone who has already read “mission abdominals” is going to go bananas over the other 9 interviews!)

# Chapter 2: Superstar fat loss tips – Diet, cardio and weight training secrets to get you leaner, faster… learn fat loss tips, fat loss mistakes and Tom’s fat loss advice for getting an overweight actor ready to be a Hollywood action hero (pgs 41 – 58)

# Chapter 3: Extreme and controversial fat loss techniques – Uncover the pros and cons of aggressive, advanced fat loss tactics and hear critiques of current fat loss trends (pgs 60-70)

# Chapter 4: Succeeding in fitness, in business and in life – An exciting new viewpoint on motivation that could hurl you towards total success – more career success, more fitness success, more life success (pgs 72-94)

# Chapter 5: The fat loss guru’s guidelines – Fat loss simplified for daily life… forget the confusing scientific stuff, this is what you actually have to do every day in the real world to get lean (pgs 96-115)

# Chapter 6: All natural bodybuilding and fat loss secrets – how to get a movie star, fitness model or bodybuilder physique without drugs, pills or plastic surgery (pgs 118-144)

# Chapter 7: The bodybuilder’s method to maximum muscle and minimum fat – What every man and woman can learn from bodybuilders about losing weight and gaining muscle (pgs 146-166)

# Chapter 8: Overcoming fat loss and muscle building challenges – How to triumph over adversity and achieve your biggest fitness goals, this year, no matter what! (pgs 168-192)

# Chapter 9: Inside the life and mind of a natural bodybuilder – Street-smart diet, training, lifestyle and mental toughness strategies – a fascinating look at how an elite-level body is really developed (pgs 194- 222)

# Chapter 10: A Dissertation In Muscle Mass Construction – a PhD exercise physiologist picks Tom’s brain for his best nutrition and training strategies to pack on the lean muscle (pgs 224 – 249)

If you think you’ve seen all this before, I can assure you that you have not. I get excited about certain books that have genuinely changed my life. Burn the Fat was one, I won’t lie. This is the second one. It’s not a book on training but it has training concepts that are discussed. It’s not a book you just read page for page to figure out how to calculate your diet. There’s others for that.

The Fat Burn Files are 10 revealing interviews written in an honest, hard hitting questions with answers style never before seen by a 20+ year veteran of the sport. I guarantee if you read this cover to cover, you’ll be as shocked and as excited as I was when I read it for the first time.

As Tom says himself, “Don’t let the name (THE FAT BURN FILES) lead you to thinking that this ebook is only about burning fat. This new ebook is also a book about gaining muscle!”

Tom Venuto talking hardcore bodybuilding and building muscle? Put an end to all the lame game “lift heavy and get big” retoric you see. I guarantee you if you are reading a book that only talks about lifting heavy weight and stuffing your face with food.. it was written by somebody with less than 5 years of training and is under 30 years old! They don’t know JACK…

Seriously, this thing is that good.

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4 Responses to "Fat Burn Files Review"

  1. Losing Stomach Fat:
    March 08, 2011 02:53 pm

    Sounds interesting. I have read Burn the Fat – Feed the Muscle and found it ok but not for someone like me who wanted to lose only 7lbs of fat and was finding it hard, so this book sounds very interesting

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  2. Marc:
    June 19, 2008 08:27 pm

    @Jerry – It’s quite explanatory in differences but it’s ALL about bodybuilding and how to be and look like a bodybuilder. Tom does a good job going over the differences between what form means as a bodybuilder and what form means for a general strength athlete.

    You’ll get answers to things you didn’t even think to ask. I like his stuff (obviously) but this is 255 pages of rock-solid natural bodybuilding information.

    Strangely enough, he does cover functional training and bodybuilding training. One of the interviewers, David Grasaffi asks him that almost immediately. That is the 1st interview in the book if I’m not mistaken. They go over core training and functional strength training and Tom explains that from a bodybuilding perspective.

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  3. Jerry Stearns:
    June 19, 2008 07:52 pm

    Great review Marc!

    It helps a lot if I get answers regarding difference between functional training and bodybuilding training.

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  4. SaSh:
    June 13, 2008 08:00 am

    Hi Dave, looks like this book is a “must have” for every beginner and advanced bodybuilder.

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