How to Use Creatine

Welcome to my Creatine – Creatine Tips for Bodybuilders Guide.

On the page below you’ll find links to a series of how to use creatine tips that I’ve written with bodybuilding for beginners in mind. It unpacks the basics of using this dietary supplement and a lot of the decisions and strategies that you’ll want to consider when making the choice to use Creatine.

Creatine – My Ultimate Site for Creatine

Since the creation of this series, I created a website specifically for creatine.  You can learn more about this resource at  The site is filled with creatine articles, free resources and guest articles from fitness professionals on almost every use of this long standing, peer reviewed dietary supplement.

The Creatine Report

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This Creatine report by Will Brink will cover much of what creatine has to offer as a safe and inexpensive supplement with an exceptionally wide range of potential uses.

3 More Excellent Resources on How to Use Creatine

Also – if you are looking for some more personalized and detailed resources on this staple dietary supplement, the following outside resources may be of use.

  • Creatine: A Muscle Building Ally – a quick primer on creatine and its use in building muscle.
  • The Creatine Graveyard – a list of all the other types of Creatine that are said to be superior to plain old Creatine Monohydrate.  If the Creatine you are using is on this list, you’ve been warned.
  • Creatine: A Practical Guide – the definitive guide by Dr. Franco-Obregón to correctly using Creatine. The creatine supplementing protocols recommended by many manufacturers will not allow you to extract creatine’s full anabolic punch.

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Creatine: The Basics

Creatine Facts:  This guide, written by Alfredo Franco-Obregón, PhD is by far, the best single resource on Creatine and research behind it and how to properly use this bodybuilding supplement.

All About Creatine:  An excellent free download by Will Brink that covers the topic in epic detail.  What types of creatine to use, dosage amounts, the safety are all covered.  This is a must have book (for free) if you want to learn more about and use creatine effectively.

Does Creatine Work:  Creatine supplementation is like an energy credit card when it comes to your intense workouts and the ability to get at just a little bit more energy for those last few repetitions at maximal power.

Why Bodybuilders Take Creatine:  While there are many benefits to Creatine beyond exercise (brain, heart, the body’s production of growth hormone, anti-aging effects, fatigue, muscle atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and more) many bodybuilders look for the immediate physical results of this dietary sports supplement.

Creatine Safety and Purity:

Creatine and Teenagers:  Continually in the news people see the questions about creatine and the safety for teenagers.  Especially in high school sports where in some cases the supplement has been banned.

Creatine Causes Roid Rage:  Where to get your facts about this sports supplement.

The Side Effects of Creatine:  Some of the reported side effects of taking Creatine.

Creatine:  Doage, Loading and Timing

Creatine Dosage:  A simple formula to determine precisely how much creatine you should take based on your body weight.  5g is the standard but it might be 50% more than you need!

Best time to Take Creatine:   Should you take creatine before or after your workouts?  Every day or just the days you workout?  There’s several methods but you should only concern yourself with the basics.

Creatine Loading:  When supplementing creatine, one option is to complete what is known as a loading phase at the beginning of the cycle, to increase creatine-muscle saturation.

Creatine Cycles:  Once you start to take creatine, do you need to cycle it?  A cycle is defined as the length of time you take this supplement.