How long should I rest between sets?


I don’t remeber, I think it was a menshealth magazine but I heard that between reps you should wait exacly 3 minutes before you start lifting again, it had something to do with getiting oxygen to your muscule. Is this true because I’ve heard of some workouts where you are just supposed to wait 30 seconds.




There are no absolutes. Depending on the program, your goals and how you want to vary the intensity, you can do either. Some programs are geared for raw strength where you will lift heavy weights. In which case you will have to wait nearly 3 minutes or more in order to do another set.

Some programs are not weight dependent and will have you up the intensity by lowering the rest periods to make it harder. You will also get some nice endurance benefits from this.

There’s no right or wrong to this answer. It just depends on what you like, your goals and how you want to change things up.

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