Hefty Heart Attack Grill Spokesman: Dead at 29

Blair River

Blair River: Dies Age 29

No jokes here folks.  I don’t make a living off other people’s misery and I’m certainly not blogging about this to say “I told you so.” I don’t know if Blair River was married or not but I’m sympathetic to his family and friends.   My point is that obesity is an epidemic in the United States.  You know that right?

Unfortunately, Blair River, the spokesman for the notorious Hefty Heart Attack Grill has died at age 29 from complications from the flu.

Blair River, the 575-pound spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill, an Arizona restaurant that serves shamelessly high-calorie burgers and fries, died Tuesday at the age of 29, following a bout of the flu.

Did he die from being a customer?  Did obesity kill him?  It certainly didn’t help let’s just say that.  The official cause of death is still unknown.

It’s a rather sad story really from a place that makes a mockery of being obese.  In fact, if you are 350 lbs at the time of your weight-in at the door, you get to eat free!  Oh boy.  What a deal.  I think you’ll get a lot from the video and link to the ABC story.  It’s a bit more than a care to report as I just don’t feel making a mockery from a situation is somehow helpful.

I’m sure about 10,000 other blogs will pick up on this story with links to buy the latest weight loss books or preach how obesity kills.


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