Guidelines and Suggestions for Guest Posts

Guest Post?  So you are interesting in writing a guest post for this blog?!

First off… my sincere gratitude to you for expressing an interest in writing a guest post for BodybuidingSecretsLive.or BSL as I call it for short.

I get sent a lot of guest posts and offers to write for this blog.  Truth be told, I accept very few of them because of quality, relevance, the insincerity of the offers or the credibility of the author.  Not to mention, stuff that is already on major article directories, I don’t want to re-publish duplicate content.

I’m really looking for a guest post that isn’t already prolific on this site.  Some fresh ideas, perspectives, a little imagination and even speculation is often sought out.  I like to present my readers with ideas that aren’t “the party line.”

To increase the changes of being able to use your guest post and to help get it ready for editing, I’ve put together a list of guest post publishing guidelines and suggestions on BSL.

Guest Post Guidelines, Suggestions and Examples

In short, before you send us your guest post submission, please make sure it:

  1. conveys quality, practical advice presented with BSL  readers in mind
  2. is able to be used exclusively at BSL
  3. includes all the information—links, link text, etc.—you want the published version of your post to include
  4. infringes no copyright laws
  5. includes a headline, body text, and your byline.


I’m asking for you to submit original guest post works that can be used exclusively on BSL.  That doesn’t mean you can use the topic elsewhere but my intention is to take original guest posts and publish them.  Personally I dislike writing exclusive content unless I’m compensated by the other site. If you can at least take your article and re-write it enough to make it exclusive here (change the words enough) that is acceptable.  I do not want BSL to become some article publishing directory of content you can find elsewhere.  It has to be different enough to be unique.


What guest post topics work best on BSL you ask?  Anything that is relevant to the overall topic of building muscle or burning fat will work.  If you want to break that down into exercises, book reviews, nutrition, recipes or tips and tricks.  Anything that helps somebody become a better bodybuilder will be helpful.

Readers love practical tips and how-tos. Give my readers information that they can apply to their workouts immediately, and you’ll be popular here. Even more theoretical posts that have something in them that readers can “do” rather than just “know” are good.  While I am sure there are scientific lurkers, the audience here is more interested in practical knowledge to apply quickly.  They don’t want a science degree to understand what you just told them.

Guest Post topics in which we’re particularly interested right now include (but aren’t limited to):

  • exercise instruction
  • healthy cooking
  • muscle building tips
  • workout ideas
  • techniques to burn more fat

Be Yourself

Whatever style you write in, do so.  Do not attempt to mimic my style.  Use your own voice.  This is your guest post and people should get to know you.  I will do my own posting.

Guest Post Formatting and markup

Go ahead and submit your content in Word or plain text format. If you could follow these few points before submission, it would speed along the process.

  • Please do not use bold font in article body.
  • If you use sub-headings, make sure they stand out.  Use

    tags in text or bold them so I know you want them to be very visible.

  • Links: I welcome links in the body to relevant sites that further explain something. Or links to YouTube videos that you wish to include demonstrating an idea.  Note that I don’t publish affiliate links in guest posts.

Don’t be shy!  Include everything that you’d like to be included in your guest post when you submit.  That includes photos or links to photos.  Tell me where you want the video to be placed Trust me; if you assume I’ll know what to do, our ideas may not be the same.

Linking to Your Own Blog

If it’s relevant to the topic at hand, you can link back to your own blog.  Relevancy is very important.  If I find links that are just link bait, this is cause for rejection, further editing or just removal.  Ensure the post is high quality above all else.  There will be links to your information at the beginning and end of the guest post.

How Long Should Your Guest Post Be?

However long it needs to be to express your topic.  Quality is the most important factor.  If you need to say it in 1400 words, that’s fine.  3 sentences probably won’t cut it but I am not putting any hard limits on length for guest posts.

Proofing (also called editing)

Any guest post is subject to editing.  I don’t edit heavily as I never intent to change your original message.  But if the need arises, changing titles to be more clear, reworking openings and endings and possibly to correct grammatical errors and spelling.

I hope this doesn’t offend as it’s not meant to and I’m certainly no top-dog copywriter myself.  I’m just trying to make every guest post the best it can be for both of us.

If there are edits, I’ll be sure and let you know prior to publishing so that you won’t be surprised.  If there is a need for the guest post to be further enhanced, beyond general edits, I will let you know so that you have a chance to re-submit.

Editing is good for you, it’s good for the readers and good for the blog.

Guest Post Author Bylines

If you’ve worked hard to provide a guest post to this blog with great content, let me help promote you.  I want to highlight you, your blog or whatever product and service you might have to offer the readers.  This is going to be mostly done in the byline.

A byline should be short, maybe a sentence or two, explaining who you are and what you do.  I’ll accept up to two links.  You could provide your blog and website, link to your blog and Facebook page or whatever else.  (Again, no affiliate links please).  While this byline appears at the bottom of the guest post, there will be an introduction sentence letting the readers know this is a guest post and will include your main link.  At a bare minimum, you’ll get 3 links per post plus any highly relevant links inside the article body itself.

Guest Post Examples:

Top 10 Gym Fails

Great use of YouTube Videos for a humorous look at the world of bodybuilding.  Not a lot of words as the video titles say it all.

Body Transformation:  A Beginner’s Step by Step Guide

Brilliant use of before and after photos combined with the classic list post blog example.  List and item, then provide some details on that list item.  In a sense, it’s what this post is and it works very well.

Why Some People Can Drink Alcohol Without Getting Fat

Alcohol and fitness go hand in hand.  And by that I simply mean, no matter how many articles are written on the subject, there’s always more questions.  This is a question and then detailed answer style post.  Some use of the list elements but more in-depth analysis of personal behavior regarding the differences in men and women’s drinking patterns.


Questions and concerns or if you just want to contact me for something else on this topic, please use the contact form.  Feel free to ask about a potential guest post topic before spending any time on it.

Thanks for your interest in a guest post and hopefully your involvement with BSL

If your guest post is on a related subject like Creatine, I might be able to add it to the Creatine themed page for this site.  Other pages will be created and if you post is related to such a page theme, it will be linked there for longevity.


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