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Summer is here again and luckily there’s still time to get in shape and even show off a six pack stomach. With just a few of the right exercises you’ll be on your way.  I’m going to keep this very simple. Yes, there are plenty of different exercises that are good for burning fat, but today I’m only going to include the top two most effective fat burning exercises. These exercises are simple.

If you’ve been building up muscle mass but are yet to look the way you want, it’s not because you need to keep building more muscle, it’s because you need to burn the fat that’s covering it up! After the fat burning exercises we’ll look at what I believe is the single best ab exercise. This way you’ll have all the tools you need to quickly get lean while building and defining your abs at the same time.

1. Burpees – This is one of the most commonly used whole body exercises that works every major muscle group, while burning serious calories and fat. There are a few different variations on burpees. You can incorporate both a pushup and a jump-squat, both of which I highly recommended. The most important factor, however, when doing burpees is to complete each repetition at 100 percent intensity. This is what will trigger the fat lose. Doing lazy, half-effort burpees isn’t going to give you anywhere near the results when compared to going all-out. I like to do sets of 20 high intensity burpees at a time, and I’ll usually complete at least 5 sets. Burpees can pretty much be done anywhere. Here’s a video of what a burpee looks like:

2. Sprints – This one seems so obvious but most people rarely, if ever, complete a full intensity sprint. Besides being highly effective at fat burning, sprinting has numerous benefits including increased growth hormone and testosterone production and increased fast twitch muscle fiber, which is neglected by traditional bodybuilding. Fast twitch muscles are the muscle fibers that enhance athletic ability. Sprinting is one of the few exercises that is both aerobic and anaerobic. The key here, as with burpees, is to give it your all. Remember, it’s a sprint not a jog. It’s important to properly stretch and warmup before sprinting otherwise you stand a good chance of hurting yourself. For sprinting its best to have an open field or track, so take a day off from the gym and enjoy the sunshine. Here’s a video on how to properly sprint:

3. Decline Crunches – Now that you have the recipe for fast, simple and effective fat loss you need to build the abdominal muscles. The very best abdominal exercise, in terms of physic-building, is decline crunches. I know people that use only this ab exercise that sport a shredded six pack. The steeper the incline, the more difficult they are. Once they start becoming easier grab a weight and start doing weighted decline crunches. The key with these (and any bodybuilding exercise) is maintaining perfect form. That means keeping your butt flat on the bench the whole time. You need to focus one using your abs to complete each repetition rather than just focusing on completing the repetition. Here’s how it looks when done correctly:

By consistently completing burpees, sprints and decline crunches you’ll be able to quickly transform your body in time to show it off this summer. As an added bonus you’ll greatly improve you overall fitness and cardio levels and you’ll feel great.

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