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What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

It’s a great paradox that while creating the perfectly fit physique can be a pain, creating fitness trainers that will help everyone achieve the perfect body is as easy as can be. You don’t even have to be human to be one!

One special weekend, I got mysister’s pug named Calhoun. I was curious to know if I could get him certified as a personal trainer, right then.

So, I went to my laptop and searched on personal trainer certification and found a good fit during the third search.

The first one that I clicked on wanted Calhoun to come in person for his certification.  That was entirely impossible.  The second one was a possibility,but it was too expensive.  They wanted me to hand over $200 for Calhoun’s certification.  The third one was the one I went with because it did not go over my fifty dollar budget and Calhoun did not have to go outside of the house to get his certification.

Step one:

Enter a name for the dog.  I chose my mutt’s name which is Calhoun J. Pigglesworth III.  I thought that pug sounded a lot like pigs.

Step Two:

Test taking time.  I sat to take the test for my pooch, Calhoun, and was clicking on the ‘Finish’ button in half an hour.  Okay, so you think this is fraudulent because I took the test for him?

Yes, I took the exam for Calhoun.  But, the test was simple to breeze through.  It did not have anything to indicate that it would prepare me to help anyone reach a fitness goal.  Besides, I should have never been allowed to defraud a company while sitting in my underpants.

FACT: Do you know that it is more difficult to become a hair dresser than to end up a fitness trainer.  To get your beautician’s license, you will need 1,500 hours of state required training and an exam. However, if you wish to be afamed fitness expert, all you need is a business card and some effort to tell all states that you are up and running.

FACT: It is fatal to be ineffective.  During 1998 Marie Capati hired a personal trainer that was inefficient and unqualified to be a personal trainer.  Although she knew about Ms. Capati’s high blood pressure, she still proceeded to prescribe a fat burner that had ephedra as an ingredient. During a later workout, Ms. Capati fainted and died a little later.  She was only 37 years old.

I am talking about this because for the ones who invest in personal trainers, itis a huge expense in terms of time and money.  However, it is extremely hard to decipher the skilled personal trainers from the unqualified ones because there are no set standards set in place.

Every day I attend work and see different clients paying thousands of dollars and still continuing to have the same obese body each and every year.  This really gets my goat. The average person would think that these people just are not trying hard enough.

It is disappointing and frustrating to come across supposedly health experts that are clueless about what they are doing.  They are just winging it by making up exercise routines and rest periods.  Fitness and fat loss are a part of a skilled science.  There is more to weight loss than just pushing a client to exhaustion.

Also, if you are still listening to the misconception about aerobics, please research and discover why you are wasting your time if you are still going to the gym.

My goal is for you to become a knowledgeable consumer. If you really want results, hire a competent trainer.  Sadly, my previous fitness trainers, as they call themselves, were nothing but a waste of time and money.  They were not worth the free sessions that they were pushing.

About the Author: Josef Brandenburg is Washington, DC’s top personal
trainer for busy people. He specializes in helping normal, busy people with average genetics create the bodies they want in the time that they actually have, and without being hungry.  Drop by for serious fat loss tips from an Arlington, VA personal trainer.

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2 Responses to "Marks Of a Good Personal Trainer"

  1. Heath the Cheap Protein Man:
    January 12, 2011 02:41 am

    Okay this really struck a nerve with me. It is extremely hard to tell who the good ones are and the bad ones these days.

    Probably one of the best ways to avoid wasting your money is to simply doing a google search on that person and seeing what other people are saying.

    You can even ask around in your local fitness areas. Chances are someone has had that trainer and can vouch for them one way or another.

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