High Tech Fitness Gifts for Father’s Day

This is a guest post by Ashlee McCullen

If your father or husband loves to exercise and can’t stop fiddling with his smartphone, a fitness gadget may be just up his alley. I’m going offer to Father’s Day gift suggestions that make tracking workouts and recording progress incredibly easy.

The hardware products I recommend make excellent companions to workout tracking apps, while the service subscriptions I recommend offer in-depth information that you just can’t get for free.

FitBit Ultra

For some FitBit enthusiasts, being without it is like being naked. This “lifestyle” fitness tracker is intended to go everywhere with its user, even in bed. By constantly tracking movements and monitoring sleep habits, the FitBit is great for helping individuals set and meet fitness goals. Its companion app includes a calorie counter, for a more holistic measurement. Perhaps best of all, it requires no action other than turning it on and attaching it. ($100)

Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch

Made by the GPS mapping powerhouse Garmin, this fitness watch offers a readily accessible way to view your heart rate and progress as you exercise, enabling you to optimize a workout. Set the watch to track your jogs and other distance workout to keep track of where you’ve been, how long you exercised and how many calories you’ve burned. ($129)


Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Strap for iPhone 4S

Sometimes, a single purpose product works better than an all-in-one, and that may just be the case for the Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor. Strap this onto your chest for accurate, continuous heart rate monitoring. Better yet, it interacts with several popular apps including Runkeeper. And despite its name, it works with non-iPhone smartphones; I had no problems syncing it with my Samsung Galaxy from T-Mobile. ($80)

Runkeeper Subscription

If the dad in your life is serious about running (or wants to be that way), he’ll love an annual subscription to Runkeeper Elite. Runkeeper is a free running tracker app for iPhone and Android, and the Elite membership offers more statistics and resources. ($20)

FitnessBuilder/PumpOne Subscription

Of the fitness apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android, FitnessBuilder is perhaps the most well designed. The app is free, but to access the vast PumpOne library of exercises and workouts, you’ll need a yearly subscription. While it’s price may seem a bit extravagant for a personal purchase, it’s just right for a gift. ($60)

Ashlee McCullen is a staff writer for ApronAddicts.com, a website about kitchen fashion and home style. She also writes about technology, productivity, and self-improvement.

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