Extraordinary body-building tips for beginners

This is a guest post by Diana.  These days she contributes on Devrover.com

A beginners first few strides into the adult world of bodybuilding is usually inspired by the shots of their favorite sportsperson or movie star displaying a series of muscles that makes you think that bodywork is no less an art in terms of labor or commitment. However, there is more to this form of art than just pumping weights and hitting the gym. Exquisite bodybuilding is a tough road layered with strict regimen, regularity, resistance, and sacrifice.

1. Diet

Diet is one of the most challenging issues that hold the entire regimen of bodybuilding to its near perfection. A right diet will see you through the entire program and soar ahead through all stages with least complications. Consult a nutritionist to help design your own customized diet plan. Stay clear of the magic wand called supplements. You need to consider that whatever they are claiming, are all advertising gimmicks at the end of the day. Regardless of all publicity stunts a high dose of protein and nutrients from food are vital to carve a well-structured body than anything else. Take into account the prime consideration here is your health that you are playing with and once you damage it, no amount of regret can get it back to you.

2. Discipline

Without discipline, no regimen will work to benefit your goals. All good things require a balance of judgment, flexibility, and discipline. Discipline means a commitment that you are now ready to sacrifice the things that are not important and concentrate only to those that are beneficial for your body. This means no hanging out with friends after work, no aimless guzzling beer or junk food, no clubbing all night, or giving in to passing whims and fancies. You have to abide by your routine. Rest properly, eat quality food, and abide by the rules set by your instructor in practicing. Discipline in exercising is also necessary. You cannot go as you like it. You need to follow your exercise regimen to the perfection. Keep a written instruction copy of your regimen nearby while exercising and follow it without improvising on your own. Consult your instructor in case you want a change in pattern, reps, or form.

3. Training regimen

The training schedule need not be long and taking your all day. The trick needs to be on intensity or quality of the time spent and not the quantity of time. An hour per day, three to four days a week is more than enough. The rest days, in between, are crucial to repair the tearing and wearing of the muscle tissue to get maximum benefit from the workouts. Moreover, using the correct format is also vital. The beginner has to concentrate on technique more than weights. Learning the best techniques is by keeping to very low or no weights for the first few weeks and concentrate on getting the form correct.

4. Dedication

A high level of exercise does not necessarily mount up to a well-carved physique. It is the time that you invest that forms the basis of a well stacked body. Patience, perseverance, and time play a big role to carve that structure of yours. There will be times that you need to exercise mental stamina than physical strength to see through your strict regimen. These are the testing times. Only those with high degree of dedication will see through these stages. Along with dedication, you need to be ready to give up momentary impulses, cravings for food or activities that might be detrimental to your health. Moreover, patience is also very vital, as there is no quick way to achieve good results. You need long torturous hours of practicing and redoing the same acts repeatedly to gain the best result.

5 Never say no

While doing reps of weight training you will get to stages when your muscle weakens so much that you cannot finish a particular rep to its full cycle. Here it is crucial that you do not give up as the entire effort and effect will be lost fully. The trick is to find a way to complete the set without stopping through half way. You can reduce the weights or change to another position to complete the whole set.  Instead of giving up halfway because of spent or sore muscles, continue the set in a easier mode to be able to push your body to redefine the limits. This pushing forward is what lifts you to the next level and wipes off stagnation in growth rate.

6 Build it up stack by stack

It is very important to develop through your regimen as you progress to build up endurance and power. To get that endurance built into your system you need to build up the stamina slowly but effectively. That means you are not stuck to the number of reps and steel plates you started with. Progress the number of reps and weights in combinations as you evolve with building the shape of your body in quality. It almost takes a week for each muscle group to wake up and respond to the call of action. So concentrate on each muscle group once per week. Moreover, a beginner usually wants it too much and too fast. They tend to be super adventurous and ambitious on the first day itself and load up the bar with plates. This is not recommended as it might cause severe body injuries that can cripple you for life. Go slow, no matter how tempting it is. Build up slowly stack-by-stack to raise the capabilities of your body. Increase the weights and reps slowly with each passing week to induce stress to your muscle and help it grow.

7 Extensive researches for newer techniques

There are loads of techniques and approach methods to the art of bodybuilding. Often the magazines and the freely available advice from friends are the only things you rely on to gain more understanding of the subject. Here you need to realize that none of these sources are reliable or has much scientific knowledge. The magazines are mostly refined forms of advertisements for accessory companies, gym instructors, and muscle building supplements. Do not give importance to the gimmicks and tricks they recommend to gain faster than usual pace. You need to consult true professional instructors to be on the right track. They will lead you towards your goal in a realistic and harmless manner that will not jeopardize your future health status.

Now that you have made up the mind to stack up the mass and bulge the curves, there should be nothing holding you back. Concentrate and remember to take baby steps into this new world rather than rush and push and cause severe injury that can sometime last a lifetime. You need to be patient and give respect to the years of experience your mentors have behind them while they instruct you on your new riding passion. While weight training might take the center stage, concentrate on cardio and abs as well.

This Post is written by Diana. She is a writer/blogger. She writes articles on Technology, social media, wordpress, Gamification, responsive design and software development etc. These days she contributes on Devrover.com

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2 Responses to "Extraordinary body-building tips for beginners"

  1. sham:
    February 14, 2014 11:49 pm

    Hi Marc,
    I think this is a great post by Diana and it covers some of the best tips any new or serious bodybuilder can use to get results today. Many new bodybuilders today needs to be prepared to work hard in the gym and consume the right amount calories…if not their development maybe delayed.
    From my experience to get the best results new bodybuilders should use weight training as a new life style…training hard, eating big…that’s the order of the day.

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  2. Mitch:
    August 29, 2013 07:14 am

    Great article, I think that beginners should focus mainly on consistency and intensity when starting out in bodybuilding rather than trying to do everything at once. Diet etc can be factored in once the consistency is down as diet won’t help beginner muscle building if they aren\’t consistant!

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