Bodybuilding Myths

bodybuilding myths

Put an end to some Bodybuilding Myths

This is a guest post by Galen Hass is a seasoned bodybuilder and consultant to Trim Nutrition (a weight loss company)

Many bodybuilding newbies turn to the most ripped guys in the gym to get their bodybuilding advice.  If that newbie stumbles upon someone who just happened to find success amidst total bodybuilding ignorance, that false information will be passed on.  And on.  And on.

It is time to put an end to bodybuilding myths.  Perhaps you have been under the delusion of one of these mistruths.  Or, maybe you are just getting started and want to do things right.  No matter where you are in your weight lifting journey, here are some common myths you should be aware of and avoid.

Myth #1:  You Must Work A Muscle To Failure Every Time

Yes, you do need to push a muscle to failure.  However, you don’t need to do it every time.  If you do, you’re bound to suffer overtraining syndrome.  Then, you’ll be out of commission for quite awhile.  The best workout plan will work a muscle to failure one day, work the muscle just short of failure a few days, and totally rest the muscle for a few days.

Myth #2:  Bodybuilders Can Eat Unlimited Calories

You definitely need to eat enough nutrients so your body can maintain itself and build the new muscle tissue.  If you don’t, you won’t get bigger.  However, that doesn’t mean you can eat everything in sight.  Your body can only transform so many calories into lean muscle tissue.  The rest will be stored as fat.  Eat enough to grow, but not so much you get fat.

Myth #3:  If You Take Time Off, You Will Instantly Lose Strength

Get this – if you take a few days (or weeks) off, you will probably gain strength and muscle mass.  Why?  Because so many people are on the verge of overtraining and they don’t allow their bodies to recuperate properly.  Plus, a short break might really kick your motivation into high gear.

You can even take several months off and it won’t be the end of the world.  Our bodies have muscle memory.  That means your muscles will have no trouble getting back to where they once were.

Myth #4:  Your Workout Should Last At Least An Hour

When it comes to bodybuilding, the phrase, “less is more” definitely applies.  If your workout lasts an hour or more, you are doing too many exercises or taking too many breaks.

The longer you workout, the lower your blood sugar levels will drop.  Also, after an hour, you will definitely see a decrease in testosterone output.  Plus, your cortisol levels will increase.  This catabolic hormone causes muscle breakdown and facilitates fat storage.

Instead of gathering bodybuilding advice from just anyone, learn actual facts.  Don’t let myths slow down your bodybuilding efforts.  If you have been adhering to one of these mistruths, change your ways immediately.  And make sure you tell everyone you know!

Guest author Galen Hass is a seasoned bodybuilder.  He contributes to various fitness and workout related blogs.  Lately, he has been penning articles for this site, a healthy exercises blog.

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