Body Solid Home Gym – Why as a Retailer I Think it’s one of the Best

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As a retailer I’m often asked by prospective purchasers which home gym on our site is the best. We’re often asked about the functionality, height restrictions, maximum weight capacity and a whole heap of other stuff but what amazes me is hardly any buyer ever asks the most important questions. If they did, they would know why I think that purchasing a Body Solid Home Gym is one of the best buys they could make.

Step 1:  Determine What Functionality You Want

First off, when looking for a home gym you need to determine what functionality you want. Some gyms offer great upper body weight training but lack a good leg press whereas others offer fantastic arm exercises but perhaps could do a better job with abs exercises.

Step 2:  Have a Budget

Secondly, you should always have a budget in mind. Know what is the maximum you can afford and never go above this; don’t let some sweet-talking sales rep convince you to buy a gym that is fifty percent more than the maximum price you had in mind when you began looking to buy. Working out and looking good is great but having a stress-free financial status is better.

Step 3:  Asking the Right Questions

Thirdly, don’t ask the sales rep questions like, ‘Is this a good gym?’ or ‘Which would you recommend?’ It’s not that the rep is going to give you a sales spiel and convince you to buy the most expensive item in the store or the one that gives him the best commission. It’s just that questions like this are subjective. The rep might think that Powertec home gyms are the best thing since sliced bread but, I guarantee if you were to speak to another rep at another store he would probably disagree and tell you that Body Solid or BodyCraft are the best.Home Gym Station

Instead stick to questions such as, what stations you get, what is the maximum weight capacity of the leg press, can more weight be added to the weight stack etc. Questions like this will better help you decide if the gym is right for you.

The following two questions are the most important that should be asked before you make your purchase but it amazes me how few ask them.

What is the warranty?

Generally speaking: the better the home gym, the better the warranty. Some manufacturers are now offering a lifetime residential warranty on the entire gym to the original purchaser. So, no matter what breaks or wears out, be it a pulley cable, bearings or vinyl covers, the company will replace it. A warranty like this is pure gold. It shows that the manufacturer stands behind its products and backs it up with an incredible warranty.

What is the manufacturer’s customer care like?

Ask the rep how any issues are resolved. In most cases any issues are usually dealt with directly by the manufacturer. Does the company offer a money back guarantee? How fast will replacement parts be shipped out? If you have an issue with the gym fifteen years after you’ve bought it, will the company have replacement parts?

When searching for the best home gym things like build-quality, functionality and price are important. But, as a retailer and you, as the buyer, should place even more importance on warranty and customer care.

So, if I’m ever asked ‘what is the best home gym’ or ‘which would I recommend’ I always talk about the these two aspects of buying a home gym. And, it’s also why I point out that buying either a BodyCraft or Body Solid home gym is one of the best decisions a buyer could make. Both companies take pride in their products and their customer service.

On occasions, things do go awry. Sometimes, certain parts are found to be missing when the gym is delivered or something is found to be defective. When this happens both myself and my customers want the problem sorted out as soon as possible.

Body Solid has never let me down yet when it comes to customer service and as a retailer this is exactly what I want.

I’m not saying that Body Solid supplies the best home gym but from the brands that I retail both BodyCraft and Body Solid are certainly my strongest recommendations.

But, wherever you may purchase your home gym and whichever brand the two most important questions you must always ask are about warranty and customer service. And, make sure you understand and are satisfied with the answers.

Robert Mangan is the owner of an online retailer of fitness equipment like the Body Solid home gym and where customer care is of paramount importance. The company retails America’s best brands at the lowest price possible.

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  1. Mike Mahony:
    February 11, 2012 06:27 pm

    I wish I had the space for gym equipment in my home. I’d have a great home gym!

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