4 Simple Steps To The Perfect Beach Physique For Men

Every guy strives to achieve the perfect lean, muscular and defined body in time for summer but reaching these goals in a short period of time can be a mammoth task. If you’re one of many that lives a busy lifestyle, you will know just how difficult it can be to add training into your already jam-packed schedule.

The truth is, acquiring the perfect male body isn’t a matter of wishful thinking, it’s a matter of commitment. The more committed you are then the better the results will be. If you need to reach your goals fast, act fast. Make changes to your lifestyle and take advantage of these facts and shortcuts before it’s too late!

Although genetics make up a large part of the way you will ultimately end up looking, there are still various methods you can use to achieve the cover image you desire. Let’s take a look at some of the tools you can use so you can stop reading and start bulking!

Challenge Your Body

You know what you want to look like, now it’s time to work for it. Don’t just turn up at the gym without a plan, make sure you know exactly what training methods will work for you. You can tailor the types of workouts you do for the type of results you want. Most men prefer to concentrate on the major muscle groups. This includes your abs, chest, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders. If you are strapped for time, your best bet is to perform a single set of at least one exercise for each body part. This will help you gain quick results, allowing you to target all the major muscles whilst still maintaining strength.

Eat The Right Things

When you’re aiming to build muscle you need to make sure you’re eating the right things to get the best results from your training. Eating enough protein is essential in maintaining a healthy diet as it helps your body burn fat and build muscle. The types of foods that are rich in protein include meats, eggs, nuts, fish and poultry. Adding more protein into your diet can be difficult when you already feel you eat a lot (most men do), which is why eating things such as protein bars and meal supplements can quickly elevate your protein intake without you feeling too full. Look for protein bars (you can visit the Nature’s Best website for a full range) that use whey protein as the body finds it easier to process. A blend of different proteins is also good for you as they will provide various amino acids.

Don’t Forget About Cardio Exercise

Although you want to bulk up and build muscle, obtaining your perfect beach body isn’t all about weight lifting. Cardiovascular exercise is equally important as it reduces body fat and helps define the muscles that you are working so hard to build. It is usually best to concentrate on cardio during the days that you aren’t doing any weight lifting. If you find this impossible then leave the cardio exercises until the end of your workout to secure the best results. Cardio exercise can come in many different forms but some of the most common include running, swimming and bike riding.

Allow Time For Your Body To Recover

Rest days are critical for various reasons – not taking enough time to recover can have severe consequences. Rest is a physical necessity that will allow the muscles to repair, rebuild and strengthen. During this recovery period your body will replenish energy stores and repair any damaged tissues. Without sufficient time to repair and replenish, your body will continue to break down from intensive exercise. This type of overtraining can cause symptoms such as decreased sports performance, risk of injury and depression.

So, there you have it: four steps that will turn you into the ultimate strapping male that the females will adore. If you have any of your own tips why not share them with us in the comments below, or if you really feel confident why not post some before and after pictures for motivation?

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  1. bridgett holmes:
    July 18, 2013 03:46 am

    Thanks a lot for posting. I’ve got new interesting ideas from you. Having a perfect beach physique for men is very attractive. It gives additional sex appeal.
    bridgett holmes recently posted…What is the best way to gain weight with a high metabolism?

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  2. Kevin:
    July 17, 2013 10:40 am

    Agree with you 100% on your comment, that having a great/better body is not about wishful thinking. It is about commitment. I see it over and over again, and I’m sure you do too as a CFT, but many don’t get this. They start something and if they don’t see results by day 5, they quit. You’ll never accomplish anything without commitment. Having the body you want, as hard as it is to believe for some is much more mental than it is physical. If your brain is strong enough, it will help you get your body where you want to go. Enjoyed the post. Also really liked, “You get what you put in”.

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