10 Easy Steps to Find the Motivation You’ll Need to Lose Weight

This is a guest post by Enrico M. Fortie of Mediterraneanbook.com

Losing weight is quite a great feat to accomplish without the proper motivating factors to help us stay focused on our goal in losing weight. Staying motivated gives us the reason to pursue whatever we hope and wish for.

It is very important to keep motivating ourselves and find the inspiration to keep striving no matter how difficult the uphill climb or battle is. Here are ten (10) easy steps to keep us inspired and motivated to lose weight.

1. Acceptance – Losing weight is a process. It is not done overnight with a miracle although many wish it is. It is the first step in any motivating procedure done regarding the proper addressing of any problem such as over weight issues.

2. Set a goal – Having a goal or plan to lose weight is the second step towards advocating ourselves to change. It is deemed important that after acceptance is the ability to commit to a goal in accomplishing the weight lose regimen we ought to implement.

3. Sense of Purpose – Having a specific purpose in losing weight directs us towards its accomplishment.

4. Stay Focus – Focus of attention should be set straight without being distracted or losing track of our goal and sense of purpose in our aim to lose weight. Stay away from distraction that would try to keep you lose track of your goal.

5. Health Check– Staying healthy should always be our priority. Proper and healthy diet should always be a consideration. Health problems are greatly associated with obesity.

6. Family Consideration– After checking and addressing our health issues properly, our family is also a consideration in losing weight. Family is a great motivating factor since they not only remind us of our diet but they will be the reason why we want to lose weight.

7. Personal Disposition – Our proper disposition in life plays also a major role for us to stay in fit. Mental and emotional disposition are greatly affected when we are fit thus a motivating factor in losing weight.

8. Challenge – Challenging ourselves to lose weight can be a great denominator in accomplishing weight lose since will power, discipline and determination will be tested.

9. Social – Our social responsibility and sense of belonging is greatly affected when we have over weight problems.

10. Exercise program – Having and adhering to an exercise program even just for the weekends are important in actually losing weight.

Enrico M. Fortie is a diet pro and writer. He blogs about the Mediterranean diet sample meal plan at Mediterraneanbook.com. If you want Enrico to express his discoveries on how to improve good cholesterol with you, follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Carlo:
    January 16, 2012 12:15 pm

    These tips are really good; I will follow them for keep free from fat.

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