Top 10 Gym Fails

This guest post was written by Matt from Whey Protein

Going to the gym is about working your muscles to the limit, but how about your laughter muscles? Here are the top 10 funniest gym fails from all around the world, try not to laugh too hard, you might pull something!

10. No-one Can Describe This

9. Really Working His Butt Off

8. Snatching Fail From The Jaws Of Victory

7. This Is A Sick Dead Lift

6. A Real Slap In The Face

5. Slipping Up

4. Lat’s Not How You Do It

3. This Guy Can’t Run/Dance

2. Serious Bench Press Fail

1. Too Much, Too Soon

Even though it can be funny to laugh at other people’s fails, each video has a lesson to any gym goer or maybe just a gentle reminder how not to fail.

This guest post was written by Matt from Whey Protein where he recommends the best Whey Protein.

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