Ripped Abs Or the Abdominal Ripper?

This is an abs exercise that Nick Nilsson and Jeff Anderson just filmed that REALLY works your abs HARD!

Watch the video and it may appear that this is more of a chest/back exercise.

You’d be wrong!

Your abs do more than just look pretty on the beach…they actually have a function for your body (really?!).

While most people work their abdomen with exercises like situps and crunches, this abs exercise works your abs from a different angle…and use them in the way they were designed to move.

This is a KILLER abs exercise to add to your workout!

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One Response to "Ripped Abs Or the Abdominal Ripper?"

  1. Get six pack abs:
    November 26, 2008 01:50 am

    Great video, I haven't seen this exercise before!

    Valuable advice from Nick Nilsson and Jeff Anderson

    Thanks Guys


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