Exercises You Can Do while in Traffic

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting stuck in traffic. All that time seems simply wasted when you could be doing other things, such as hitting the gym. In fact reports indicate that the average American spends at least an hour each day in the car, and this can be a great deal more if traffic has you in a gridlock.

Although traffic jams will never be any less annoying, at least you can now find ways to make better use of this down time. While it may not be quite as effective as the hours you log in at the gym, you can at least get in a bit of a mini-workout right from your car. Not only can this help you retain that muscle you’ve worked so hard to earn but may even help you alleviate some of that stress you are feeling from being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

Here are some simple toning solutions to shaping up from the driver’s seat, not to mention to help combat boredom.

#1: Suck In Your Gut With Car Seat Crunches

One method to work on toning your tummy while stuck in traffic is to flatten your stomach as you exhale completely. As you breathe out pull your belly button towards your spine as far as possible until all the air is released. Hold for a 5-10 count and release. You can repeat this 10 times and mix it up with other exercises before repeating.

Another version of this is to release short, hard bursts of air as you exhale clenching your abs with each exhale. Release only slightly as you inhale quickly and repeat for a series of 10-15 breaths. Again you can do another series or two of these mixed in with other car seat exercises depending how long you end up stuck in traffic.

#2: Butt Toning From Your Car Seat

The butt toning exercise from your car seat is simple. Alternate between squeezing the buttocks muscles together and holding for a count up to 10, and then rapidly squeezing and partially releasing for 10 or more reps.

Try this one a few times and you may find yourself doing it whenever and wherever you find yourself seated for a long period of time. This one not only helps with toning, it can help that annoying feeling of your buttocks muscles “falling asleep” when in a seated position for a period of time. In other words it can also help with circulation by helping to get the blood flowing.

#3: Master Those Thighs

Squeeze your thighs together with all of your might and hold like this for a count of 10. For added effectiveness also squeeze the tops of your thigh muscles upward until your feel them tighten at the inner and upper thigh. Again you can also do these in short bursts for a count of 10 or more and work these into the rotation. You can make these more effective by adding resistance and squeezing a ball, rolled up towel or even a folded sweatshirt between your legs.

#4: Shoulders & Upper Back

Lightly grip the steering wheel but relax your arms and shoulders. Drop your shoulders and then pull the shoulder blades towards each other. Hold for about 10 seconds and then repeat as many times as you want.

Here is another similar exercise you can preform in your car:

If you tend to get stuck in traffic or have to log in a lot of travel hours for your job, prepare for this. Keeping a handgrip device in the car is a great way to build up muscle. You can also use it between the area just above your knees and squeeze together to build up thigh muscles. It may take some creativity but more than likely you can even think up you own exercises.

Quick Tips

  • The most important thing is that you are safe while doing these various exercises. Make sure you stay focused on the road and don’t get distracted. If you get in an accident you want to make sure you are fully covered with auto insurance.
  • You can actually also find some useful apps for your mobile device that can recommend exercises to do. In fact, this may be a great time to use an app to learn yogic breathing. Not only does this type of breathing help you improve the results you get from a gym workout, it also does wonders for calming your nerves. You’ll never need a calming breath exercise more than when stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Anything that contracts and releases a group of muscles is helping you tone. The important thing is to do something. Any type of attempt at muscle toning is time better spent, and you may also notice the time stuck in traffic passes much quicker.

This post was written by Quinten who writes about safety in your car and other related topics on www.carinsurancecalculatoronline.com.

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