Lose Belly Fat with Green Tea?

January 23rd, 2009

Lose Belly Fat with Green Tea

There’s been many debates on the magic effects of green tea and weight loss but hardly anybody argues the benefits of drinking some green tea.  However, a February 2009 an abstract study published in The Journal of Nutrition, supports the weight loss concept specific to the subcutaneous abdominal fat area (calorie deficit + exercise) and shows that belly fat may be the first to go!

I always recall Dr. Chis Mohr saying “that one study doesn’t prove anything and an abstract proves even less!”

Researchers took 132 “obese” adults.  They all consumed roughly the same amount of calories and participated in 180 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise.  The participants were randomly assigned to receive a beverage containing ~625 mg of catechins with 39 mg caffeine or a control beverage (39 mg caffeine, no catechins) for 12 weeks.

Hint: Catechins, an antioxidant, is the main component of green tea.

After just 12 weeks, the group drinking the green tea had the most overall loss of body weight, 4.4 pounds compared to the control group with a little bit over 2 pounds!  But before you get too excited…

Percentage changes in fat mass did not differ between the catechin and control groups.

However, percentage changes in total abdominal fat area, subcutaneous abdominal fat area, and fasting serum triglycerides were greater in the catechin group.  That means…

These findings suggest that green tea catechin consumption enhances exercise-induced changes in abdominal fat and serum triglycerides.  But there’s something you should know about the different types of abdominal fat.

Visceral fat is stored deeper in the abdominal cavity and around the internal organs, whereas “regular” fat is stored below the skin (known as subcutaneous fat). Visceral fat is particularly unhealthy because it is a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

Green tea is healthy, but the fact is, we don’t know how much green tea affects actual weight loss in the long term, and “your personal mileage may vary.” If you choose to use green tea as a potential weight loss aid, it’s important to keep realistic expectations, consume the proper dosage of a standardized green tea extract or the equivalent in drinking tea, and remember that it’s buyer beware when it comes to the claims made and prices charged. - Tom Venuto; CPT

What This Means To You:

With every new study, questions arise as to how it was conducted.  Did researches ensure the participants ate roughtly the same?  Or were they allowed to go home and self-monitor?  Did some workout harder than others?  Did some say they ate the same but really consumed much less or more?

This isn’t the end-all-be-all of green tea studies but research continues to show positive beneifts of green tea consumption linked to longevity, breast cancer, diabetes and weight loss.

But before you run out and buy some at the grocery store, realize that not all green teas are the same.  Not all brands will contain the necessary amounts to reproduce this study.  In fact, many store bought brands only label the product as “It contains green tea.”  They don’t tell you how much, the source or the real golden nugget of how many Catechins are contain per serving.

What You Should Look For When Shopping for Green Tea:

After reading a very obscure Green Tea report by Tom Venuto.. one heck of a hard one to find. He sums it up saying:

“What you should look for is a specific amount of EGCG or a percentage standardized extract (and then you can just do the math). For example, 60% standardized extract of 450 mg total is 270 mg of EGCG, which is the amount that was used in the research. Diet supplement expert Will Brink recommends looking for 60% polyphenols with EGCG amounts listed as the marker compound.”

Most research shows that drinking 4-5 cups a day is enough to get the health benefits and obtain some of the potential weight loss benefits.

But green tea isn’t the ultimate solution when it comes to belly fat.  While it can provide some stimulus and I personally don’t overlook it, Mike Geary lays down the law when it comes to the long term solutions.  So you can go ahead and experiment with Green Tea.  But your milage may vary.

“The ONLY solution to consistently lose your abdominal fat and keep it off for good is to combine a sound nutritious diet full of unprocessed natural foods with a properly designed strategic exercise program that stimulates the necessary hormonal and metabolic response within your body. Both your food intake as well as your training program are important if you are to get this right.” - Mike Geary; CPT

Grab a free and unique Fat Loss Secrets Report at How to Lose Flabby Abdominal Fat

To Your Health,

Marc David
Author of The NoBull Bodybuilding Program

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How Supermodels Keep Their Looks

January 22nd, 2009

Photo Credit: 1000 watt dream

Ever wonder how some supermodels can keep their shape all year?  There’s lots of theories.  From hard work to plastic surgery to fad diets, not eating and crazy herbal supplements.  Maybe it’s a little bit of all of that and then some.  Who knows.  But what I do know is that supermodels don’t drink these shakes.

Ordered by Calories:

5.  Baskin-Robbins Berry Pomegranate Banana Fruit Blast Smoothie (large)

  • 1,020 calories
  • 1.5 grams of fat
  • 232 grams of sugar

You gotta wonder if they put Pomegranate in there for a later marketing ploy to say it’s healthy because of the anti-oxidant properties.  Just my guess.

4.  Cosi Gigante Double OHI Arctic

  • 1,033 calories
  • 35 grams of fat
  • 177 grams of carbs (I’d guess mostly simple sugars)

3.  Jama Juice Peanut Butter Moo’d Power Smoothie

  • 1,170 calories
  • 30 grams of fat
  • 169 grams of sugar

2.  Baskin-Robbins York Peppermint Pattie Shake (large)

  • 2,210 calories
  • 103 grams of fat (57 saturated)
  • 281 grams of sugar

1.  Baskin-Robbins Heath Shake (large)

  • 2,310 calories
  • 108 grams of fat (64 saturated)
  • 266 grams of sugar

Source: Muscle & Fitness, March 2009; p.54

Should companies be allowed to produce such utter crap?  I understand the freedom of choice but ONLY if the person choosing has a clear understanding.

My point is… if you told somebody you were going to get one of these shakes, they might know it’s “bad” for you but what they may not know is just how bad or that 75% of your daily calories are being consumed in a liquid form.  You might know it’s not good for you but many people don’t know the degrees of bad.

It would be unfair to leave you without a good shake solution so here’s just one of my favorites that I think tastes really good, nice chocolate flavor and icy.

So here’s my alternative to any of the above options…

Chocolate Almond Mocha Blast


  • 1/2 cup fat-free milk
  • 1 level tablespoon instant coffee
  • 10 unsalted almonds
  • 1 tablespoon lecithin granules
  • 2 packets (2 grams) stevia or other sugar alternative
  • 1 cup crushed ice or 6-8 ice cubes
  • 2 level scoops chocolate whey protein powder (or your favorite flavor)

How to Make It:

Step 1: Put everything except the ice and protein powder into a blender.  Blend on high until fully mixed.

Step 2: With the blender on medium, add the ice and protein powder.  Blend on high until fully mixed.

Makes 1 Serving….

Nutritional Facts for the Chocolate Almond Mocha Blast

Per serving: 393 calories, 47 g protein, 24 g carbohydrates, 10 g total fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 2 g fiber, 55 mg sodium

If you want other alternatives to the above and some really good bodybuilding meals, weight gain shakes and healthy meals that are super easy to make… I would recommend you take a look at this book.

Men’s Health Total Fitness Guide 2008 Muscle Chow

Before I found Muscle Chow, I kinda went from website recipe to website recipe. Or to overly complicated cookbooks that were not for bodybuilders trying to get lean or build muscle. Greg Avedon nailed it with this and wrote to the married guy or single guy who can’t cook but wants to cook something in order to build muscle. It was so incredibly simple to follow. I am not a cook or chef by any means. My biggest accomplishment was grilled chicken and burgers. This is so stinking simple to use. It doesn’t have a ton of ingredients and you’ll find that many of the recipes use the same foundations. Meaning, less big trips to the store. Many of them are only 4 steps. They taste great and are low in fat and sodium. Perfect for that lean look. Nutrition is 80% bodybuilding as Vince Gironda once said. Armed with this, I cannot go wrong. Awesome book. Changed my life in the kitchen.  Check out Muscle Chow.

To Your Health,

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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Build Muscle Fast

January 12th, 2009

Tips to Build Muscle Fast

Tips to Build Muscle Fast

After purchasing an Iron Gym for a family member, I found the Nutrition Guide listed on page 9 of the very thin instruction manual that came with the product.

I laughed out loud at the bullet points!  They were so simple.  A few rules and some tips and now you were going to pack on dense thick muscle like never before.

After reading books over 250 pages on the subject and having written my own NoBull Bodybuilding System, it was silly to think somebody would benefit from tips so simple.   Then it hit me…

Those Stupid Bullet Points are the Nutrition Pillars of ALL of These Programs!

Thus… I’ll post them here in their unedited format and you can see that the #1 reason why people cannot gain healthy weight, build muscle is truly related to some of these tips.  Now I don’t agree with all of them but hear me out and take a look.

Eating Recommendations:

  • Eat at least six times a day
  • Make each meal count.  If you eat anything, consider it a meal
  • Eliminate any and all refined sugars and sweets
  • Reduce caffeine intake and increase water intake (should be half your body weight in ounces.) No Alcohol!
  • All heavy starches to be consumed by 1pm or 3rd meal of the day.  For example: bread, paste and rice.
  • 1 serving of protein should be consumed with every meal.  For example: (4-6 ounce piece is considered 1 serving).
  • Limit dairy intake to 1st or 2nd meal
  • All fruits should be consumed before 1pm.  No fruit juice!
  • Multi-vitamin everyday
  • Maximum amount of time between meals: 3 hours
  • Protein always first choice then carbohydrates to be added
  • Limit sugary condiments such as salad dressings
  • Meal replacement bars and shakes to be used if sugar free

Surprisingly enough.. this simple list that most of professionals would scoff at is similar information that any client would receive.  Now there’s some exceptions.  I could easily debate a few bullet points.  I would elaborate.  Next thing you’d have is 250 pages to read but in all honesty…

If I had followed these to the letter when I was younger, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes.  I would obviously need to learn about calories and such but nutrition is such a big part of building muscle fast.

Nutrition is Numero Uno (or #1)

You can have a horrible training program but if your nutrition is impeccable, you will look better than some who have fantastic training programs and can’t get the nutrition part down.  If you have awful nutrition but a fantastic program, you cannot support the growth or the recovery with a poor nutrition plan.  And you can live a fine life with good nutrition and minimal exercise.

Before we start a huge debate, my point isn’t to say all books over 10 bullet points stink!  In fact, that’s not the case at all.  I only want to point out that with all the confusing information out there, if you can stick to the basics when it comes to nutrition and build upon it, you will be successful.

Why am I doing this?

Because there’s a fine line that separates those who know and those that don’t.  It’s my wish to help those who are confused as I was to get some fundamentals down and then learn on their own.   I only wish when I was younger somebody had at least told me the above that I could have written on a note card.  I wasn’t ready to read 250 pages or figure out calories and worry about macro-nutrient ratios.

But I would have responded to some short bullet points and then expanded upon those as I learned.

What You Can Learn From the Iron Gym

If you are already following the above give or take, most likely you are on the right path.  If you are not, you might be missing out on a critical nutrition pillar that can have you building muscle fast.  Maybe you are not eating enough?  Maybe you can’t stay away from processed and refined foods?  Maybe you drink later at night?

These simple bullet points seem stupid I know and I don’t agree with them all but generally speaking, they are quite sound and would benefit most.  Then you can learn at your own pace and adjust as necessary.

You start by following the basics and that’s how you build muscle fast.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of the The NoBull Bodybuilding Program

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Sodium Hides in Strange Places

January 9th, 2009

Sodium in Food

Salt Shaker by L. Marie

In a study by Consumer Reports, they analyzed 37 foods and four salt substitutes to see how the sodium amounts claimed on the labels compared to the actual amounts.

The good news?

Accurate labeling has improved over the years and while there’s some misleading numbers, generally speaking, it’s pretty good.

The bad news?

There’s high levels of sodium in some foods you may not think to check.

Let’s get the guidelines straight to level set your expectations.  There’s no reason to just list off foods if you don’t have a frame of reference right?

Dietary guidelines recommend that healthy adults get no more than 2,300 mg of sodium a day.   The average American ingests 2,900 to 4,300 mg.

Here’s a foods where high sodium lurks.  Take into careful consideration the portion sizes and you can see how it’s very easy to go over your daily allowances in foods that are not so obvious.

Some Examples of Sodium in Places You Might Not Expect:

  • Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereals: 350 mg per cup
  • Prego Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce: 430 mg per half cup
  • McDonald’s Premium Caesar Salad with grilled chicken without dressing: 890 mg
  • Ruffles Original Potato Chips has 10 g of fat and 160 mg of sodium, while the baked version has 7 fewer g of fat but 40 mg more sodium

Confusing Terminology:

If you don’t see the word sodium or sodium chloride on the labels, which are terms most people seem to know as the common word for salt, you still might be getting plenty of sodium if you don’t know other names for it.  Some other names are: disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, sodium caseinate, sodium benzoate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium nitrite, and other combinations

Consumer Reports offers some advice as to what consumers can do:

  1. Read labels.
  2. Look for no-salt-added condiments.
  3. Be a smart chef and taste before adding salt. Use herbs and spices, salt-free seasoning blends, citrus juice or zest, and flavored vinegars instead of salt.
  4. Eat one serving.
  5. Avoid sodium heavyweights. Or limit them when possible. Among the highest-sodium products: soy sauce (1,160 mg/tbsp), chicken bouillon (1,100 mg/packet), frozen dinners (930 mg/serving in Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat & Sauce; some have more), and Spam (790 mg/2 oz).
  6. Eat at home. You can easily consume a day’s worth of sodium in a single restaurant dish.
  7. Check your meds. Some drugs contain sodium.
  8. Retrain your taste buds. Research shows that after three months, most people no longer miss salt.

Consumer Reports Study

Can You Tell Which Food has More Sodium? (visual game)

It’s always good to read labels.  Especially if you suffer from hypertension or have a special need to limit your intakes.  Things like chips and salsa are obvious but heart healthy pasta sauce or some candy may not be.

Here’s to your health,

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of the The NoBull Bodybuilding Program



The Body Fat Solution Review

January 8th, 2009

The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

Book Review:  The Body Fat Solution: 5 Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight (Avery/Penguin, 2009; 250 pages) by Tom Venuto

Audio Version:  Body Fat Solution audio (MP3) version of book will be on iTunes and audible.

It seems like everyday there’s a new diet book released.  It’s not everyday one comes out that will change your life.  Or, as The Wall Street Journal said earlier this week, the Body Fat Solution is more “attitude adjustment” than
diet book.

Introducing The Body Fat Solution

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert with an extensive career in nutrition research and a lifetime drug free bodybuilding competitor.  Tom Venuto has been involved in almost every aspect of the fitness industry including weight loss, a personal trainer to thousands of clients, nutrition consultation, motivational coach, fitness model, health club manager and bestselling author of the #1 ebook, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.  He’s been involved in other online works such as MP3 (audio) seminars and recently The Burn the Fat Inner Circle, a weight loss community support site.

That’s Tom’s resume as found on his latest book, The Body Fat Solution.

How I Personally Know Tom

But I know Tom as a personal friend.  I found his original Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle ebook back in 2003.   I realized this was the person I needed as mentor eighteen years ago.   Tom achieved his physique using simple but proven fundamentals.  I know this to be true as it’s the way I’ve packed on muscle myself and how every successful bodybuilder does it today.  It’s no secret.  As Tom says early in the introduction, “I developed my physique naturally with nutrient dense food, carefully controlled calorie intake, progressive resistance weight training,  the right dose of cardio,  mind focused and well formed goals,  strong emotional drive and great support thru friends, training partners and mentors.”

Who is the Body Fat Solution Written For?

As Tom says, “It was written for men and women who are overweight.  It’s also for people who were previously overweight who want to maintain their ideal weight for the rest of their lives.  This book is for the person who doesn’t have all day to spend in the gym or in the kitchen preparing complicated meals.”

Tom sets the stage by explaining the overall problem and what leads to it.  You cannot solve a problem without first understanding it and grasping the issues behind it.  Once the problem is explained the attitudes and belief system can be attacked.  Tom Venuto outlines the 8 Weight Loss Myths early on:

Myth #1:  You can eat as much as you want and still lose weight

Myth #2:  Overweight people have a slower metabolism than thin people

Myth #3:  Some people are diet-resistant and can’t lose weight

Myth #4:  Your genetics are why you are overweight

Myth #5:  Dietary fat makes you gain body fat

Myth #6:  Carbohydrates make you fat

Myth #7:  Dietary changes for health and weight loss are one and the same

Myth #8:  Insulin or insulin resistance causes obesity

Venuto makes it very clear in one of several statements about the body fat problem when he says “Removing body fat is not simply a matter of going on a diet — it’s a much more complex issue, involving every area of your life.”

This Is More Than Another Thinking Yourself Thin Book

Nutrition, calories, metabolism and the focus on weight training as the foundation for any exercise program is extensively covered. Photos are included to show the proper demonstration of the most basic of exercises that could be easily done in a gym or at home.  Social support is given more than a paragraph as many people now realize the accountability and strength gained when in a group setting.

Towards the end is an appendix of recommend foods and the calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber breakdowns.  These foods are of course things you’d easily find at the grocery store.  Recipes aren’t included or meal plans but they can be located on The Body Fat Solution site.

It’s clear to me after reading this, Tom’s goal was to give the reader a tool set for the following:

  • encourage attitude changes for more than just positive thinking
  • stop any negative behaviors we have towards food
  • burn fat and build muscle
  • eat healthy yet tasty foods.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be an awful culinary experience
  • become motivated thru social support, journals, accountability, progress charts
  • strategies for controlling your appetite
  • breaking a fat loss plateau and what to do if you reach one

You Can Make Excuses Or Get Results, But You Can’t Do Both

The Body Fat Solution is not a diet.  It’s a program on how to burn fat and build muscle which will increase your metabolism.  It’s the only fix to the obesity epidemic that faces the world.  You won’t need any pills, drinks or supplements to do it.  It’s not gimmicky, based on a new discovery or requires anything that would be questionable or dangerous.

I can’t guarantee you that this book will fix everything in your life and that you will suddenly be healthy, lean and ripped like a fitness model.  But I honestly think there are some phenomenal ideas in this book that will certainly help you out.  For most people, it boils down to a change in a handful of daily behaviors and a shift in mindset.


  • Re-program your mind to develop “auto-pilot” success habits
  • Offers up a diagnosis of the obesity and weight problem
  • Encourages the readers to change mindsets vs. just mindless activity
  • Step by step instructions for modifying your life for this to work
  • Nothing crazy to do or follow; anybody can do this


  • Says it’s not for bodybuilders (like me) but it is.  There’s tons of value

I recommend The Body Fat Solution as I feel both personally and professionally that it is of major benefit to anybody looking to get leaner.  While it’s catered to the people struggling with weight loss, truly anybody who’s looking to get as lean as possible will be able to use these steps.

With that, I’d like to do a little something special.  This is your chance to sell your story to me.

THE OFFER:  Tell me in 100-300 words why The Body Fat Solution is something you need, I’d like to send you a copy. A real book, not an ebook, that you can hold in your hands.  Be sure to include your e-mail address within the comment in the spam safe format.  (e.g. marc[at]nobullbodybuilding.com) so that I can communicate with you directly on how to ship 1 copy of The Body Fat Solution to you.  This offer expires whenever I’ve chosen 10 comments on this post.  The 10 winning comments will be selected by me at my discretion.   Winners will be announced on this post in the comments section by me and I will begin contacting those winners individually.

* Please note, I have to order these copies myself and when they arrive, ship them out individually. *

** Your email address in the comments section will only be used by me to contact you personally.  You will not be signed up by me for anything.  **

*** If you aren’t one of the lucky few or you’d rather get multiple copies, keep reading as there’s still ways to get some massive value including bonus material that Tom Venuto is offering AND a sweepstakes entry that doesn’t require the purchase of anything to enter. ***

A FAVOR:  If you have purchased the book and have enjoyed it, would you please do a review of the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s website.  There are many people out there who would rather write a dishonest review of a book they’ve never read.  We both know that you can’t judge a book or a wine bottle by the cover.  If you can, write an honest review.  Positive or negative but only if you’ve read the book of course.

I do wish you the best for 2009.  There’s a lot of interesting things in the works this year and I will try to alert you to the best ones.  And if you haven’t joined me on Facebook as a friend on my page or my tweets on Twitter, be sure to do so to get information fast!

Get your copy of the book everyone is talking about:

==>  http://www.TheBodyFatSolution.com

Don’t Believe Me?  Here’s Some Other Reviews:

The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto - This Book Rocks! - JoLynn Braley

Women and Weight Loss Reviews

Belly Off: The Trainer

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of The NoBull Bodybuilding Program

P.S. - Get two or more copies and receive 13 valuable bonuses worth $265.  Go to http://www.thebodyfatsolution.com to register and skip my offer
for your bonuses.

P.P.S. -  While you’re at www.thebodyfatsolution , enter the body fat solution sweepstakes for a chance to win one of Five 5-year memberships to Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Inner Circle ‘AND’ a personally autographed copy of the book. No purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes.

P.P.P.S. - If you are a lucky winner for my offer, you can still enter the sweepstakes.  I’m a contributing member to the Burn the Fat Inner Circle and hands down, it’s the best online community support.  Heck, I’m not just a contributer, I’m a regular member that uses it for my own motivation and support.

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Basic Premise of Critical Thinking

January 4th, 2009

Trust but Verify

Trust but Verify

“The bottom line, and a basic premise of critical thinking, is that authorities don’t matter, the facts do.  All information must be analyzed critically and never accepted blindly.  If the advice comes from people you respect and admire, then listen, but still verify.” ~ Tom Venuto; page 26-27 of The Body Fat Solution

Frankly… I’m finding too many quotes like this in a pre-release copy of Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution.  And while I’m not personally looking to burn excess fat this year, it’s the book of 2009 that needed to be written in a world that desperately needs an Un-Diet mentality.

As I’ve told my podcast listeners before, if you can do just one thing you’ll save yourself so much wasted time and money.  Listen to the experts you pick but verify those facts. Make informed choices when it comes to your life.  I’ve made this all to clear with supplement questions over the last few years.  I’m never too shocked…

When I see “Does X supplement work?” Even after pointing a person to some resources so they can get some facts on their own… they still end up buying.

But back to the point.  If you can make this single quote true in your own fitness quest, no matter who you listen to if it’s me, Tom or any other fitness expert including yourself… I guarantee…

You’ll be saved from the whipsaw action that comes with blindly accepting the next fad or discovery as truth.  Do a little bit of research on your own.

My job for 2009 is the same as always.  To help you learn how to learn and end the frustrations and filter out the noise.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of The NoBull Bodybuilding Program

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Ten Timeless Burn Fat and Build Muscle Techniques

January 2nd, 2009

On a day sort of like this on out here in California, eighteen years ago, I started working out in my bedroom with a Sears plastic weight set and no clue of what I needed to do.  Passion drove me and the hunger to build muscle, become stronger and change my body serve as the fuel for massive change in the future.  A senior in high school without a clue except that I desired a different body image and I desperately wanted to change.

At the time, my mind overflowed with ambitious dreams of the future.

There are techniques that can make your quest easier and your journey more compelling. While this list is in no way comprehensive, these 10 strategies are used quite a bit because they work.


Frankly… it’s the foundation of my own fitness program.  In order to see results, you’ve got to give your program time to work and it needs to be applied over a period of weeks.  Since bodies don’t change overnight, most don’t, repetition is key and if you can keep repeating something over and over even as simple as going to the gym, ultimately you’ll be better off today than you were yesterday.

Most fitness experts won’t tell you this but even if it’s the WRONG thing to do (e.g. 60 minutes of low intensity cardio for some) it’s still better than doing nothing or being frustrated and staying home.  Go to the gym, repeat the steps over and over and learn along the way.  Then adjust.  As you repeat the process, it becomes routine.  Ingrained in your daily life and that is exact point when missing a workout feels strange.  Because you’ve repeated it so many times it’s part of your life.  Repetition.

Reasons Why

During the months of October 2008 - December 2008, I lost my reasons why.  Reasons why I went to the gym.  I’m already healthy, I eat right and I workout.  For those 3 months, I was focused on the Stock Market, my portfolio that was taking a beating and it’s when I learned something about trading options and changing my perspective on investing.

But my reasons why for going to the gym were back-burnered.  I didn’t go much.  My workouts were ho-hum and sub-par.  I felt like the reason of the mindless crowd that shows up.  Looks around and then tries to figure out what to do.  Does some stuff and leaves unsatisfied.  Reminded me of the college days when I had no time either!

The strategy itself does make sense if you think about it. We don’t like to be told things or asked to take action without a reasonable explanation.  You need to give yourself a reason why.  It will help you stay focused and enable repetition to become common place.


Dave Draper once said…

If there’s a secret, it’s consistency. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe bad exercise, badly executed consistently is far better than no exercise at all.

Exercise applied consistently over a period of years will lead to results.  Even the guys in my gym that do the worst form, the sloppiest stuff and are all over the board at still 100x in better shape than those who do nothing and figure it’s not worth their time.  These guys and gals are at least consistent in their efforts.  Over time, they can learn and change.  But it’s the repetition of going to the gym and making an appearance and then applying sound principles consistently over time that makes a person’s physique change.

Expand Your Social Support

Some people need personal trainers.  Others need a training partner.  And with Web 2.0 stuff becoming more and more mainstream to the point of Twitter updates on your cell phone mid-set, you can do something Adam Waters has said before.

There is a need for positive pressure to make accountability work.

My friend Mike Mahony wrote a 2 part post about Social Networking 101.  He’s using it to provide accountability for himself in his muscle building goals and current fat loss endeavors.  Instead of paying for a trainer in this case, he’s getting support from friends and making himself more accountable for his daily efforts by posting his results, his thoughts and his discoveries along the way.

Maybe you can use Social Media in some way to connect with like-minded people today that have similar goals?  The power of the group is more than enough fuel when you don’t seem to have the energy yourself.

Other ways to expand your social support courtesy of The Body Fat Solution pages 211 - 215 :

  • hire a trainer
  • enroll in group classes
  • locate a training partner
  • find a mentor
  • join a health club
  • join an internet forum or community

Learning New Things

When somebody has the machine you want or the squat cage has a line longer than opening night of a hit movie, you need to have an arsenal of other exercises you can do.  No matter the gym I step into, I’ve got a Plan A and a Plan B.  If a station is taken or somebody steals my thunder during a super-set, I can switch it up quickly.  Don’t worry…

You won’t have to learn every exercise in the book but it helps to have options.  Sticking to a single plan for the rest of your life is not the way to go.  Try new programs.  See what works.  Toss out what doesn’t.  Learn new exercises.  The more you have at  your disposal, the faster you can keep challenging your body to grow.

Having an open mind will propel you to your goals so fast your head will spin.  And in the event things don’t go your way, you’ll have options.  I’ve know 2 people in my journey so far that literally left the gym when the only squat bar was in use.  They had no other options to stimulate leg growth!  Don’t be like that.

One such resource is Nick Nilsson and his Powerful Training Secrets.  I have no idea how Nick comes up with all these exercises.  It’’s an amazing resource of exercises, mainstream and not for every body part.

Address Objections

Once you’ve got some reasons why at any point in your quest, it’s equally important to address any objections you might have to starting a new program, a new gym or anything else.

If you start to think “yeah but…”

You’ll stray off the path.  Figure out any issues up front and tackle them head-on.  Here’s an example.

You purchase a new fat burning or muscle building program.  You print it out and immediately pick it apart.  “Yeah but squats and deadlifts on the same day?  I read that’s not good.”

For starters, you’ve put yourself in a negative mindset and it’s doubtful the program will work for you.  Before you start something, address those objections up front and get over it.  If you can’t, then find another alternative.  I’ve seen too many people download, print or purchase a program only to tweak the living heck out of it before Day 1 and in less than 2 weeks, they have determined the program isn’t any good.

They failed to address their personal objections up front Day 1.

Learn to Deal with Information Overload

15 years ago, all you had for fitness information came from the mainstream publications of professional bodybuilders.  Doing those routines would eliminate the average person.  Not a lot existed at the time to get quality information out to the masses for the natural bodybuilder.

There’s so much information out there that over time, you are just as confused as you were before you had any.

  • Cardio is bad?
  • No wait, low intensity cadio is bad.
  • Wait.. cardio over 45 minutes is bad but I see really ripped bodybuilders doing it and it’s working for them?!
  • Squat below parallel are bad for the knees but this guy says that’s not true?
  • 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight.  Or is that 1.43?  Or 2 g?  Or as much as possible?
  • Carbs before 7pm is bad.  That’s a myth.  No wait it is true if I go to be at 5pm.  But…
  • Creatine works!  Creatine doesn’t work.

The trick is to learn from quality sources and filter out the noise.  If you listen to everybody and believe the hype, you’ll end up in the same position today as yesterday.  Unable to move.  Unable to make a decision.  And more confused than ever before with the slew of information coming at you.

I’ve often said that unless your job is a personal trainer, a freelance writer or you have a passion for learning this stuff, there’s simply no point in learning all the minor details if whatever you are doing is working for you today.

In fact, some of the most brilliant minds in nutrition today don’t have the bodies to prove it.  The reverse is true, some of the most gifted natural bodybuilders that work hard day in and day out and follow the basics, couldn’t tell you too much about Cortisol or how fat is stored.  They don’t care, they just know how to burn it.

It does not take a degree in exercise physiology or a Masters in Nutrition to get this right.  Learn what you need to know for your own personal goals and then apply those fundamentals consistently, over time with hard work and dedication.  That’s how the job gets done.

Know Thyself or The Experiment of One

Carlos DeJesus said…

The experiment of one is essentially the Discovery of self.

Learning is awesome.  Knowing fact from fiction is important.  Following the fundamentals is the ultimate key to success.  But the end result is you and you alone.  What works for you and whatever gets you the results you desire.

I’ve read too many articles that tell me don’t use this machine.  I’ve written articles myself that tell you to avoid 2 exercises if you value your lower back and shoulders.  There’s plenty of research to support Brand X supplement.

Quick Action Plan:

  • Listen less to others opinions
  • Listen more to yourself

You can read more about The Experiment of One over at Carlos DeJesus site.

Agitate and Solve

A bit skinny?  A bit overweight?  Don’t avoid those issues if they bother you.  Deal with them directly and learn how to solve them.  I spent eighteen years dealing with the Skinny Guy issue but with repetition, consistency, being bugged by the problem and trying to solve it.  I made plenty of mistakes along the way.  But I got there and if I gave up years ago, I’d still have my personal issue that bothered me and I’d not be anywhere close to my goal.

Learn from Mistakes; Don’t Dwell on Them

It’s okay to miss a gym day.  As I type out this blog skipping breakfast while being burned on a trade I place earlier today, once again I’m reminded that it’s okay to make mistakes.  So what if I skipped breakfast just today?  Big deal.  I’ll live.  I won’t lose 10 lbs of muscle and I will still have a kick butt gym day.

Now if I did that every single day, we’d have a problem.

Too many people beat themselves up for the smallest things.  They will ruin an entire 12 hour day because they missed 45 minutes of the gym.  I literally worked half-asses for 3 months while I focused on something else, I ate like the normal person and didn’t drink enough water.

I didn’t get much weaker.  I didn’t lose much mass.  And my entire body didn’t gain 12+ body fat.  I’m not bragging about my lack of reasons why or my consistency in the gym.  I only wish to prove that it’s okay to stumble a bit in your journey forward.  If you beat yourself up over the minor mistakes, you end up being so negative you quit going altogether and that is a mistake you should dwell on!

Allow yourself to make some mistakes.  Fitness is the quest of a lifetime.  Give yourself room to breathe so you can focus on the important stuff and keep making the small steps forward.

If this resonates with you, feel free to drop me a comment below or add in a techinque I missed that has made all the difference in your life.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of The NoBull Bodybuilding Program

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Follow Marc on Twitter

January 2nd, 2009

Do You Use Twitter?

Do You Use Twitter?

For those of you who are hooked on Twitter, you can now follow me! I’ll be tweeting on a regular basis with updates, interesting sites and articles I’ve run across, and more.  Hope to see you there!

Follow Marc on Twitter!

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2009 Predictions

December 30th, 2008

Attribution: Patrick Q

In line with every other fitness expert, guru and fanatic… I felt instead of telling you what to get ready for in 2009 or the usual party lines of…

“Come on guys and gals, this is the time.  No excuses!  It’s now or never!”

You’ve already seen that and heard it.  I’m going to just give you a run down of what I see happening in 2009.

  • 1 ab physical product will be sold in an As Seen in TV.  Bloggers will pick up on the story and immediately tell you how you don’t need it but you do need a $47+ ebook program complete with DVDs
  • Two new diets will come out.  They will be twists on the same old things as every diet is… but they will have cooler cover, fancier names and big promos pushing them.  If you watch Oprah, you know exactly what I mean.
  • 2009 will be the year of Back to the Basics.  Because 2008 was a twist on so many advanced concepts, functional strength, Bosu balls, free weights and such… 2009 is going to be a slew of preaching about lifting heavy weight, sticking to the basics and not wasting time with all those other programs.  The same ones being promoted to you in 2008 mind you.
  • Americans will spend a bit less on fitness related stuff opting to see if they can use what they already have but International sales will go up as the US dollar continues to lose value.  I’m getting more and more questions and comments from foreign fitness people than ever before.
  • At least 3 major fitness blogs will post a list of the Top X exercises to avoid.  I’ve already seen Men’s Health and Fitness jump on this one in their Rodale series of books for 2009.  A list of exercises you should avoid at all costs.  It’s got new ones from my 2008 edition.  By 2012, it will only be safe to walk, do strict pull-ups and push-ups. Every machine will be banned and every free weight exercise will be somehow dangerous to your spine and gyms will toss you out for doing them.
  • Ebooks are old school.  Now it will be MP3 downloads to accompany the ebooks along with cheaply made DVDs of YouTube videos showing you somebody workout.  Translation?  You’ll be paying for free stuff.
  • Everybody (including me) will have a fitness membership site.  Some will be top notch and updated on a regular basis with high quality content.  Others will be a way to collect a monthly fee for nearly worthless drivel or a collection of free articles you can find anywhere on the web.
  • 2009 prices will be higher than 2008.  Almost everybody will be raising their prices even though it’s essentially the same information.  Some things will be worth it.  Others won’t.  Be sure to pay attention to money back guarantees.
  • ClickBank will be the top re-seller of any online fitness stuff.  They are a very good company with a stellar reputation.  Money back guarantees are a given and they always honor them.  As the consumer, it’s very difficult to be screwed over by them.
  • There will be LESS gyms and MORE fitness conscious people.  The January effect which typically makes your gym more crowded for a month or two will continue longer as there’s just less gym options.  Corporate Real Estate is expensive and cash is limited.  Making opening more gyms less likely as some major chains file for bankruptcy… again.
  • People will shy away from long sales pages about a product and be more open to Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts and other methods of learning about the fitness expert they follow.  You can hire a copywriter to write your sales pages and e-mails.  But it’s much harder to hide your true personality in a Web 2.0 world.
  • More of the same.  Whatever worked in 2008 for Six Pack Abs will still work in 2009.  If you have the tools from last year, then save some $$$ and break out the ebooks and vow to read them.  Follow them.  Get them printed if it makes it easier to read.  If this is the first year for you, then 2009 will be awesome as there’s lots of products to choose from that will fit your lifestyle and goals.
  • Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution will be a success because it teaches principles and doesn’t use a topical gimmick or current fad or some latest discovery.

Let’s not get too carried away with peering into the Crystal Ball for 2009.  It’s going to be slightly different in some aspects but overall, more of the same.  More ways to distract you from your goals and several more ways to overload you with so much information that ultimately you will be as confused or more confused than when you started.

It’s all good.  Keep training and train harder in 2009 than you did in 2008 and the changes you want will come by default.


  1. Consistency
  2. Dedication
  3. Determination

That’s about the only secret to getting the body of your dreams.  Hard work applied consistently over a period of years and your friends will be asking you how you did it soon enough.

Here’s wishing you a better 2009 than 2008.


Marc C. David
The NoBull Muscle Guy

Update 1/2/2009: Everybody will have a bodybuilding teleseminar including and not limited to, one of my cats.  Where it will be a collection of decent information but then packaged up and sold to you in some MP3/CD set.  If you miss one, don’t worry there will be at least 5 other opportunities.

Update 1/2/2009: More and more parrots and mentions of how awful it is to do cardio workouts.  2008 could have been coined “I hate cardio!”  2009 will be the same except add the tag line of “and you should too!”

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Don’t Lie About Improving Your Sex Life!

December 19th, 2008

No More Smiles for Bob

See You in 25 Bob

Smiling Bob Gets a 25 Year Jail Sentence

While I’m not a fan of lying, cheating or scamming in any way when it comes to supplements, I’m always intrigued that the playing field isn’t level.

It’s perfectly fine to make up some new Creatine molecule structure (CE3)or tell people they can gain 20 lbs of solid muscle in 4 weeks using this product.  Or maybe that a new weight loss supplement taps into your body and burns fat without changing your diet or increasing exercise.

In a nutshell…

Message here is that it’s bad enough if you lie about your products potential for weight loss or muscle building, but don’t you dare lie about improving sex life!


Marc C. David

P.S. - If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few months, I can assure you I’m alive and well.  There’s a new NoBull Bodybuilding membership site in the works!

P.S.S. - Until the economy improves (significantly) there will be no extra charges for the membership site.  It will be part of the NoBull Bodybuilding System.

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