Do you have any recommendations for a home gym?


Hi Marc. Over the past few years, I have developed a severe allergy to rubber compounds. Unfortunately, it has reached a point where I am unable to continue going into public gyms. Are there any home gyms that you would recommend (eg: BowFlex) for someone who is a beginner and needs something that is both safe for training alone and adaptable for a training program?

Thank you.



There’s quite a few home gyms I would recommend. Boxflex, Soloflex…. pretty much any of them. What I really would suggest though is that you try them out. See what you like, space issues, and if you like the feel of them.

You can also see if there’s anything that might cause a problem.

While there is no particular brand I like over another, I think they are good choices for those who just want to get fit, can’t join a gym and do have the space and time to workout at home.

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