What’s in Your Brown Rice Protein?

Maybe you’ve started to see protein with organic brown rice as the main ingredient?  Maybe you’ve seen videos touting how it is superior to “old school” foods like eggs or whey protein?

Is Brown Rice Protein Superior?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that suddenly brown rice protein is somehow superior to whey or the standard egg.

Frankly, commodities have been on a tear lately and making protein (whey) damn expensive.

Companies are scrambling to find alternative sounds. If you are a small shop looking to start up a new line of protein, good luck to you.

Hence the big push for Soy and now Brown Rice Protein.

Is it superior? Doubt it. It’s vegan though if you are PURE vegetarian who would rather not use soy. There’s always pea protein (albeit lesser known).

But the point is..

Gaspari launches his Clinical Muscle: Brown Rice Protein Concentrate just as this study comes out… Rice products may be source of high arsenic levels: study

3 Ways Companies Respond to Higher Commodity Prices

As prices go up… (gas, wood, whey, milk, etc) companies can respond by…

  • eating the cost increases
  • offsetting them consumers
  • creating new products using cheaper ingredients

This has already been done (2011) in the candy industry when Coco went thru the roof.

Coco Historial Prices

M&M’s with a pretzel filler? Less chocolate, cheaper fillers but marketed as cool, new, tasty.   They were released around the March time frame, 2010.

The innovation of making a filler look more desirable and taking away your focus that you are getting less chocolate.

Keep your eyes on the prize folks.

Let’s see how the industry responds.  Will Gaspari respond? Or are they too small time to care? Did they respond to the last heavy metals in protein? Only a few did (big disservice to the whole industry for those that let it go because they weren’t listed).

Does this one study mean anything?  Does it matter to you?  Do you care?

Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

Source: Full Text from the Journal

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