Southern Cooking Leads to Type 2 Diabetes

In reality, Southern Cooking itself DOES NOT lead to type 2 diabetes.  However, a poor diet with a lack of exercise can cause the environment for Type 2 Diabetes.  The real reason for this post is an editorial on some recent news.

Paula Deen (the famous southern style recipe chef) is expected to reveal she has Type II Diabetes.  Not only but she received a multimillion dollar deal to become the new face of a Novartis drug used to help treat the disease. (confirmed)

Paula Deen’s diabetes announcement is even more surreal than expected

As you watch listen carefully…

  • Diagnosed 3 years ago
  • She’s already capitalizing on this deadly disease (book, website, drug contract)
  • Now she’s an expert on diabetes and she’ll be there for you
  • She’s compensated for her work (just like you at your job)
  • Down plays the diet’s role in Type 2 Diabetes (stress, genetics, age, environmental, hereditary, races)
Her show is for entertainment.  Hope you knew that.

If you didn’t already guess, her show will slowly change venues to provide healthier meals. Her son, Bobby Deen, has already jumped on the healthier food bandwagon. Earlier this month, he launched the series, “Not My Mama’s Meals,” on the Cooking Channel, where he creates less fatty versions of his mother’s old-fashioned Southern recipes. 

Getting this disease is bad enough but in this case, it appears self-induced thru food over several years.  Which in many cases of Type 2 Diabetes, that’s how you get it.  It’s why your grandparents might have it now but they didn’t 20 years ago.  As people get older, they seem to stop eating correctly, turn to sugary foods (or fattier foods) and exercise slows down.  This in turn can lead to blood sugar issues and eventually mild to severe cases of type 2 diabetes.

The cure?

Pretty much what Paula Deen will eventually do.  Start eating healthier versions to lower the fats and sugars.  I have no doubt she’ll be advised to start exercising if she’s not already doing so.  Type 2 in most cases can be controlled thru diet and exercise.  All of us are susceptible really to this disease over time if our diets are poor and we don’t control blood sugars.  Even me, without a family history of the disease could technically create an environment in which I could be diagnosed with it over a long period of time.

Sadly, most people will opt for the big pharma route (taking a pill to regulate not cure) and continue their unhealthy lifestyles.  Far easier to pop and pill than to make honest life changes to attack the root of the problem.

Freedom of Choice?

Maybe but keep in mind that even if you believe that nutrition is common sense, it’s not common practice.  If somebody chooses to eat this way for years and eventually gets the disease and needs medication, is it society’s responsibility to provide a cure?

If you ride a motorcycle without a helmet, without insurance, knowing that it’s dangerous and you cannot afford surgery if you were involved in such a horrific accident, do you get to extend your hand and ask struggling families to pay for your poor choices?

Choosing to eat unhealthy IF you know it’s unhealthy puts a huge burden on society.  There’s no reason southern style food can’t be tasty and healthy.  When you are on a TV show with thousands of viewers and several cookbooks, I believe you have MORE of a responsibility to help educate your audience.  If they choose to ignore your warnings or modify the meals, that’s life and the freedom in action.

Doughnut Hambugers … but in moderation of course!

People wake up!  

You don’t need to go all organic and hippie when it comes to food but you do need to make better choices.  We all bear the burden of a growing Obesity Epidemic and such diet related disease.  I’m not saying you can’t indulge here and there or enjoy the occasional ”oh this is so bad for me meal” but if you continually engage in poor nutrition over years, it will catch up to you.

This is a shout-out to NoBull author, Mike Boyle who you can find on this blog and on Twitter.  Mike doesn’t give recipes for entertainment.  He creates delicious, healthy meals that are sustainable lifestyle.

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