No Evidence To Suggest Drinking More Water Is Healthy


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” The belief that we need eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy is a myth, researchers say.”

As I continued to read this article, it went on to say that most of us get the fluids we need to avoid dehydration from other liquids including coffee and tea. Furthermore, there’s no evidence to suggest that an increased intake of water does anything healthy.

In fact, this article and the researches said, “The scientists concluded there was no clear evidence that drinking more water was healthy.”

“Tea and the sort of coffee you get in Britain are fine for rehydrating – the diuretic effects of caffeine are massively outweighed by the fluids in those drinks. There are millions of people who get most of their fluids from tea without any ill effects.”Ursula Arens, a spokesman for the British Dietetic Association

Maybe the 8 glasses of water a day rule seems crazy. Maybe our focus on water consumption is a bit over the top at times. But I strongly disagree that all you need to do is rely on being thirsty when most people I know aren’t thirsty too much after drinking all the coffee, teas and sodas.

Pure, clean water cannot be understated. In my mind, this is a CLEAR example that sometimes the research and science might not point to the benefits of increased water consumption but in a real life situation, it’s a fact that you’ll feel better if you do increase your water intake within a reasonable level.

How much water should you drink per day?  8-12 glass may be the recommended levels you’d seen, but that is a bit too low for the average to above-average bodybuilder.

Or to quote Quickfinch, a member of… “We should all immediately stop drinking water and replace our 8 glasses of H2O with coffee and Red Bull.” 

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