Natural Products Expo West 2011


Once again I’ll be headed down to Southern California for the Natural Products Expo West tradeshow.  Now most bodybuilders head off to the Olympia or the Arnold Classic.  But you see, just hanging with your current circle doesn’t get you insight into what’s coming next or thinking outside the box.  You’ll get some free supplements for sure but the neat thing about these vendor type shows is… you see what’s coming to the consumer.


Natural Products Expo West brings together the natural, organic and healthy-lifestyle industry.


I’ll be tweeting my way thru the show.  If there’s something interesting, I’ll share.  Please follow me on Twitter.  I’ll be using the hashtag of #expowest.

- marc david

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  1. Body Building South Africa:
    March 22, 2011 09:04 am

    I like using natural Products as well !

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