K-E Diet: Feeding Tubes for Weight Loss

K-E Diet anyone? Weight loss using a feeding tube thru your nose? Any takers?

K-E Diets: Using a Feeding Tube to Lose Weight

A new era of dieting is upon us as reported by ABC (and picked up by 900 fitness blogs already) called the K-E Diet.  Previously the HGC Diet put the fitness world into an uproar because it preached 500 calories a day and sometimes using an injection of a “pregnancy hormone.”

Lead it to innovative architects of modern wizardry to bring us a new and soon to be controversial diet called the K-E Diet.  Although this diet has been around in Europe for years and recently is making headlines in the United States.

What is the K-E Diet?

The K-E diet, which boasts promises of shedding 20 pounds in 10 days, is an increasingly popular alternative to ordinary calorie-counting programs. The program has dieters inserting a feeding tube into their nose that runs to the stomach. They’re fed a constant slow drip of protein and fat, mixed with water, which contains zero carbohydrates and totals 800 calories a day. Body fat is burned off through a process called ketosis, which leaves muscle intact, Dr. Oliver Di Pietro of Bay Harbor Islands, Fla., said.

Side Effects of the K-E Diet

  • bad breath
  • some constipation

Bad breath from ketosis (which is an old school method of shedding pounds in the bodybuilding world) is not unusual.  The constipation is because in this liquid drip of protein and fat there is no fiber.  That presents a world of issues in itself.  You need good sources of fiber for long term health.

What People Try the K-E Diet?

Meet Jessica Schnaider who tried the K-E Diet.

“I don’t have all of the time on the planet just to focus an hour and a half a day to exercise so I came to the doctor, I saw the diet, and I said, ‘You know what? Why not? Let me try it. So I decided to go ahead and give it a shot,” she said.

How Much Does the K-E Diet Cost?

Around $1,500 for 10 days

Here’s my thoughts on the K-E Diet specifically….

Once again, people are severely misinformed about nutrition and exercise.  It doesn’t take an hour and a half to get the job done.  You can make significant progress in about 45 minutes, 4 (four) times a week.  There doesn’t have to be excessive cardio either or starvation type diets.  Small cuts in your daily requirement of calories is all it takes.

However, people are always looking for the easy way out.  No time and they need to be in super shape for a wedding.  Which begs the question.  Who are you marrying that requires this and if your spouse doesn’t have any issue with it, there’s something for Dr. Drew.

Does this K-E diet stuff work?

Define work and then define your success criteria.  Ketosis is a quick way to burn fat.  High protein helps preserve muscle.  Quick super low calorie diets will get you shedding pounds at lightening speeds.  If you define work as losing weight and success as losing weight quickly then it works.  If you define it the way I do (a quest to be healthy) then extreme diets like K-E Diet have no place in my arsenal of fat burning tools.

Most people rebound and gain it all back and then some.  Especially on the K-E diet where it’s liquid foods.  800 calories for the long term is unsustainable except for the most ODC hardcore (insane, crazy) individuals.  Most people will return to their old ways and gain the weight back and then some.  It will take a rare person to use this K-E diet and learn proper nutrition and exercise in order to keep the weight off for years and get back on track.  Sadly, most won’t as those taking this diet challenge are misinformed to begin with from the very start.

Hopefully by next year we can see a Reverse K-E Diet where the tube goes up the other end.  I mean if you think about it.. Jessica said…

“I had to give excuses to people who were asking are you sick? And I was like, ‘No, I’m not sick, I’m not dying, I’m fine.”

But if this tube were up the other end, nobody would be the wiser and nobody would ask such questions!

Frankly I always wanted to create the Alcohol Diet.  If you think about, skipping all the health concerns, you could have a gin and tonic every 2-hours hours with a freshly squeezed line and be way under 800 calories.  At $1,500 you could get some of the finest gin available!

At this point, there’s not much else to say about the K-E Diet.  People are going to try it.  There will be hundreds of success stories like with every type of diet and a few people who will keep the weight off.  The majority will fail and look to the next thing.  A few may run into medical complications and I can only hope they have insurance as not to cause me (a taxpayer) to foot the bill for their unwise decisions.

I might be onto something here.  What do you think of the K-E Diet or any of these starvation type, short term diets where people are looking for quick results almost at any cost?

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  1. Johan Bengtsson:
    May 26, 2013 12:46 am

    I guess K-E works very shortterm just like you say, but it can not be good if you want a longterm solution. Better if these people started with a normal food based keto diet instead.
    Johan Bengtsson recently posted…Beef with bearnaise and Keto Diet BBQ party

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