Lose Weight in a Week Guaranteed

Lose weight in a week you say?  Is it possible?  Is it safe?  Is it legal? Not only is it legal but it's safe and involves no drugs (unless you consider carbohydrates and sugar a drug).  This non-revolutionary method has been used by thousands of bodybuilders for decades to get ready for a contest.  It's been used by many diet experts that took the contest prep idea too far and turned it into a lifestyle.  It's been used by average people to strip away fat and weight without even knowing what they were doing. And it's part of a preparation phase...

Restrained Eating vs Calorie Restriction

It's time for some NoBull Q&A.... questions come from Mike.  If you have question and you can't find the answer, check out the FAQ. Question: My girlfriend is doing Weight Watchers and she says my diet is to restrictive.  She likes Weight Watchers because it is based on points,  She feels this allows her more freedom of choice.  I am trying to create a livable way of eating forever. Answer: Hate to break the news Mike but ... She's right!  (sort of)

Flat Belly Diet

Have you seen this new Flat Belly Diet by Prevention Magazine?  It's all the rage.   Once again, a new breakthrough diet is taking the online and offline world by storm.  Somebody is making a freaking mint by doing what works. Selling YOU another freaking diet! Does it work? I'm sure it does.  I've never done a bodybuilding nutrition plan or a workout program that didn't work for some time.  But like anything else, we return to what we know and what we're comfortable with in the end.  Diets don't work long term. See that 91% success rate? That will be the FAILURE rate long term. ...

Weight Loss Tips: The 3 Best and 3 Worst Mistakes

I receive countless emails that start off like this... In January I was 190 lbs at 25% body fat. 8 weeks ago I stopped seeing results. The last 8 weeks while cutting down I have dropped a few pounds (which I don't really want to do) and my body fat has remained the same. What many people fail to realize when cutting is the concept of nutritional periodization. All too frequently, I get e-mails from frustrated weight loss seekers who have been on a calorie deficit for MONTHS. While they understand the basics of calorie cutting and what...

Don’t Miss the Weight Loss GOLD RUSH

I gotta tell you... I NEVER give a second glance to most of the junk mail I receive at home but this time something caught my eye! "Don't Miss Out on the Weight Loss Gold Rush!" My blood started to boil and I was pissed. MP3 File

The Cure for Obesity

A little midday humor... As I see it based on this study, the cure for obesity is quite simple. We all need to go back 10 million years ago and start walking on all fours. Humans consume far less energy when walking upright. Humans vs. chimps at the gym Powered by ScribeFire.