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Escalating Density Training Review

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

This article was submitted by J.R. Smith, a Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist over at Total Healthcare Fitness.

Escalating Density Training - Part 1

Escalating Density TrainingGot the videos and all the other stuff. The “other stuff” isn’t much. Just a collection from other trainers that have an association with Charles. Some of it I chucked in the trash because it’s not worth much and has nothing to do with Escalating Density Training.

I have studied the videos and today I started Escalating Density Training on legs. I will say that it was challenging but I may not have started with enough weight but heck, this was my first time doing the program so I will give myself a break. After all, this is supposed to be about managing fatigue, not developing it. So I think I did okay, after all, I was really seriously sweating and breathing hard.

Am I sore right now? No and I don’t know if I will be but that isn’t a factor in determining if you had a good workout or not, is it?

I did 3 PR Zones on the program today. Each PR Zone is 15 minutes in duration. The goal in each PR Zone is to pick two exercises that are antagonistic. I chose the leverage squat machine (because I wanted to be as safe as possible and this really feels good on my knees and back) and the decline leg curls.

I chose a weight that was challenging to get 10 reps on each exercise. Then I drop down and do only 5 reps on each exercise. The idea is to get as many reps as possible during the 15 minutes. There is no preconceived number of reps to attain and you can rest as long as you want during this 15 minutes. The idea is to manage fatigue not develop it. But you also don’t want to sit around and drink coffee and have a discussion about politics between sets either. That’s not the idea. I think I did something like 5 or 6 sets back to back before I actually took a breather.

The idea is once the 15 minutes is up, you total up your reps and then at your next session like the one you did today, you attempt to get more reps in the same amount of time. I think I got 50 reps on both the squat and leg curls. And that was PR Zone 1. I did two more PR Zones and got about the same number of reps on those as well. I was able to maintain the 5 reps during all my sets but you can drop down to 4 then 2 then 2 then 1 if you need to. There is no predetermined number of reps that you need to finish with, just start with 5 and let your fatigue determine how much you should finish with.

I am doing back and chest tomorrow and I will give you a report on that as well.

So far so good but nothing earth shattering or ground breaking. Just another way to do superset training. Of course there is a fat burning program as well and I am using this on a couple of my female clients and I will report on that also when the time is right.

Escalating Density Training part 2

Okay, I did chest and back on my Escalating Density Training program yesterday. I did it a bit different as I focused on ALL chest and back. I am back into bodybuilding and want to possibly compete sometime next year….no promises there as it depends on how I am doing in the next couple of months. Afterall, I am 52.

I set my PR Zones up and did HIGH incline bench press followed by a unique exercise I developed called Chain Pullup Rows on the incline bench (killer pullup for the back for those who can’t do pullups).

Each exercise was no more than 5 reps and I monintored how I felt. Although I hit fatigue on my pullups, I was able to continue with the 5 reps on the bench press. Again, maybe I started too low in weight but there is no rule that says I can’t finish the sets doing 5 reps either. I just have to beat the number of reps I did on this workout at my next one.

I followed this by a low bench press and pulldowns. Same scenario.

I really put out some volume on both of these workouts. Even though I got in almost 5 minutes rest between the two PR Zones, I was really sweating. But I ask myself is that all this is going to do, make me sweat? I had an okay pump but again that isn’t the primary reason for training although it is highly coveted by bodybuilders and it does feel great.

As I sit here today, I would have assumed that my legs and and hammies would be screaming from the workout on Tuesday. Notta! No pain, no discomfort. I know that with a normal workout, I usually have a fair amount of DOMS. Is that normal? Is THIS how I should feel? Don’t know for sure.

What I do know is this: This program is boring. Yes, boring. You have 15 minutes to do this superset of exercises and try to accumulate as many reps as possible in that amount of time. Then your goal is to beat that in the next workout. You are constantly moving from set to set and in one way, that is great. This thing really does burn some calories and gets you sweating big time. That I like because I hate cardio. My breathing and heart rate are highly elevated during the 15 minutes. So this is better than cardio in my opinion. But trying to get my mind wrapped around this is going to be tough if I don’t see the results promised.

Getting clients to do this program may be easier than it is for a trainer. They will probably see some incredible results and that is good. And if you stand there with the client encouraging them then it will be good for them. On the other hand, it really reduces the trainer to nothing more than a record keeper. You better have the client do the counting so you can learn your cheerleading skills.

I will say, this is a different program but it is not the program to end all programs. It is simply nothing more than another club in your golf bag of workouts. Don’t give up on the other things but it would be great to periodize with this program if you are looking to strip some fat. At this stage, and I know that Mr. Staley swears this to be true, but I don’t see how this thing is goingg to build all this great muscle. I know I have only done two workouts with it and it will take some time and I will give it time. So we will see.

I will continue to give you reports as I go along. I feel it is highly important for all of us, ISSA trainers on this board, to help one another along and give reviews of programs like this. I believe in full disclosure, not marketing garbage telling me everything I want to hear and tickling my “I hope it will..” button.

If this thing works, then I will highly recommend to you to buy it. If it doesn’t, I will tell you to stay away from it. And that’s my opinion.

Escalating Density Part 3 Final

Okay, did the last part of this Escalating Density Training program. I can say that it is a good program but again, nothing spectacular. All you have to do is use your imagination and you can come up with some great combinations as well.

Now the one thing I can say I did notice is that I have experienced no DOMS. None at all. But I have also not retained the after training pump that I normally have for a day or so. That part I don’t like but I do like the working hard part; I am sweating like crazy.

I did decided to modify the program and do something that really challenged me though. I know the Escalating Density Training program is about managing fatigue but I also believe you need more time under tension in order to get the benefits of growth. Therefore I decided to develop my own hybrid program. It goes like this:

I have 3 PR Zones like the original program calls for. But I have reduced the training time from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Instead of 5 reps per set, I am doing 10 reps. I have to say, that got me working hard and also kicked my butt. And here is what I found out: I am getting just as many reps, with the same weight at 10 reps as I did with 5 reps in 10 minutes instead of 15. Crazy, huh? So am I working harder? Well it sure feels like it and the muscle felt like it was worked to the bone. The pump was good also and stayed with me a bit longer too.

I did change it up a bit today also for legs. I matched squats with leg curls for a 10 minute PR Zone. BUT I did 10 reps on the squats and 5 reps on the leg curls. I am following some advice that Charles Poliquin gives in his Poliquin Principles book where he says that if anyone is getting any growth on their hams on more than 8 reps chances are they are using performance enhancing drugs. I have noticed that my hammies are getting bigger and stronger on reps less than 8 so I am sticking with the 5 on this one. It worked quite well and felt great and my legs were trashed! Am I fatigued? No not really but I am sleeping much better at night though.

Well that is my final review of the Escalating Density Training program. Would I suggest that you purchase the program? Only if you are bored and have become stagnant with your own training or that of your client’s. It has given me a bunch of new ideas and I am experimenting with them and I know simply because of the new variety I am developing I am going to see some change.

Do I believe that you can lose 1/2% bodyfat per week with the EDT program like they claim? Not on your life. That is purely marketing and only one man’s opinion and experience and I am not talking about Mr. Staley either.

Experiment with the training you are now doing. Hey NOTHING is wrong if you grow from it so go for it. Mix it up and see what kind of concoctions you can come up with and maybe you too can write a book on it.

Have a strong and healthy day.

J.R.Smith c.f.t., s.p.n., s.s.c., m.e.s.
NBFE board registered
Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist - NESTA
Sports, Fitness and Medical Exercise Specialist
Total Healthcare Fitness
Human Performance Systems for Body, Back and Mind
Somerset, Kentucky 42503
Member KAFP
Member Somerset Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

This article was submitted by J.R. Smith c.f.t., s.p.n., s.s.c., m.e.s. Follow up questions about his EDT experience or his own modifications to this system can be directed to him thru Total Healthcare Fitness.

Want More Information?

Information about Escalating Density Training or EDT by Charles Staley

Amazon Customer Reviews

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Stax System

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Eating 5-7 times a day is tough. Organizing those meals is a job itself. The Stax System makes taking your bodybuilding meals around for the day a total breeze. STAX holds your daily meals, portions your food perfectly, and tailors the best food combinations for your specific goals.Eating was never so simple.

Chris Powell Stax System

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with, paid by, or employed by Stax. I just like it.

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Burn the Fat Inner Circle: Sneak Peak

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

A sneak peak inside Tom Venuto’s premier fat loss support community called, Burn the Fat Inner Circle. In this video you won’t find hype or scarcity tactics. What you will learn is more about the features of joining a fitness site with professional information, a moderated and friendly message forum and exclusive articles and interviews found nowhere else. Membership does have it’s advantages and you will see those benefits inside this short video walk-thru of Burn the Fat Inner Circle.

Here’s just a small sample of the vast resources you will have unlimited access to as a member of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle:

* Audio Interviews
* Burn The Fat Q & A
* Calorie & Nutrient Info
* Burn The Fat Discussion Forums
* The Burn The Fat Show
* Downloads
* Exclusive Articles
* Forums
* Member Profiles
* Most Popular
* News Headlines
* Member Photo Gallery
* Recipes
* Tools and Calculators

CLICK HERE to join and take advantage of the $1.00 limited-time trial offer that includes 30 days of full, unlimited access.

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No-Nonsense Muscle Building System: Video Review

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Today I received this e-mail from somebody who has seen Vince Delmonte’s “No-
Muscle Building System” but was skeptical to say the least.


I’ve been tempted to buy Vince’s program based on your recommendation but I think it’s going to be another one of those take my money and that’s it.

Can you show me anything about it? Maybe what I would really get, send me the names of the chapters? Anything at all would help make my decision easier.”

What a timely question! Today I received a book on how to do video demonstrations using this software package I bought a year ago and haven’t figured out.

Excuse the quality of the video but I felt the question was so good, I would risk embarrassing myself to show you what Vince Delmonte’s system entails.

Visit Vince’s website to see everything described in more detail, but here’s what the system includes in a nutshell:

* 201 page system (literally EVERYTHING you need to know)
* 29 week Beginner-Intermediate Workout
* 29 week Advanced Workout
* Upside Down Training (specialized workouts)
* Five 84 Day Healthy Calorie Meal Plans
* Three 84 Day Veggie Mass Meal Plans
* Three 84 Day Cheap Mass Meal Plans
* A Virtual Trainer (exercise database)
* The Supplement Files
* 24-7 Email Coach
* MP3’s of entire course

Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building course is the best information that balances science and real world experience.

See more here –

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Cytosport Pure Protein

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

There’s no need for a long drawn out review with me telling you how great this tasted. Maybe you’d like me to describe Cytosport Pure Protein in terms of a wine review?Cytosport Pure Protein Line of Great Tasting Whey Isolate and No Sugar Protein Drinks Savory hints of raspberry and almond with a green apple flavor on the way down? Forget it. Here’s the scoop.

Cytosport released a Protein line of drinks with all kinds of flavors. At the time I’m posting this it comes in Tangerine, Tropical and Watermelon.

Nutritional Facts:

  • 40g of protein
  • 0 sugars
  • 0 fats

Many fitness professionals will agree that it’s imperative to always get your protein in with every meal. And after a workout is a darn good place to do it. While whole foods are always recommended, there’s times when you simply can’t. That’s when a drink like Pure Protein comes into play. It’s a super quick way to get in whey protein isolates quickly and with a great taste.

Why whey protein isolates?

Quick absorption. Perfect for building muscle. A primary choice for any bodybuilder. And plenty of it. None of those 5g protein water things. They are fine for some but when you are serious about nutrition, you’ll probably end up needing a bit more protein than a mass marketed product is able to give you.


Unlike many other products, I found the taste to be extremely good. Since there’s no sugar alcohols, I didn’t get any upset stomach effects. It was very sweet which works for me since I have somewhat of a sweet tooth. For those who just don’t like overly sweet products, you may need to mix it with water to cut down on the overall sweet taste or sip it slowly. Personally I had no issues as I’m a bit of a sweet lover in that regard.

Suggested Use:

As a bodybuilder myself, I’m all for using dietary supplements when necessary. Maybe to break up a routine of a shake, real foods or use it as a sweet treat if I’m on a cutting cycle.  The recommendation was to use the product after a hard workout.  Again, I found that using it when necessary if I wasn’t close to home or wasn’t going straight to a place where I could get in a full post-workout meal turned out to work well.  An small but noticeable plus was the container was plastic.  Other such products are in glass.  When I plunk down my gym bag, it’s nice to know it’s not going to shatter inside.

Overall Recommendation: 5 Starts for a great tasting, quick and easy to drink high protein drink.

Click Here to Learn more about Cytosport’s Pure Protein

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Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed Review

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Bodybuilding Revealed Review (formerly known as Muscle Building Nutrition)Will Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed
The Most Comprehensive Muscle Building Program

Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed [BBR], consists of the BBR 630 page e-book, a number of high quality bonuses and 12 months access to the private members area that accompanies the e-book.

The BRR E-book.

At the heart of the BBR system is the BBR e-book. Some 630 pages of quality information that forms amuscle building nutrition unique and powerful bodybuilding system. The e-book is split up into 5 components which are each covered in depth and allow the user to follow a clear blue print to achieve the lean mass results they are looking for.

The 5 components of the e-book are:

* Nutrition and Muscle Building Diet
* Supplement Reviews & Advice (Over 50 reviews are included)
* Training - From beginner to Advanced.
* Cardio / HIIT
* Motivation and the Mental Edge.

The BBR Bonus Material

With the BBR system customers receive 5 additional reports.

The 5 Reports are:

* Individualization Of Mass Gaining Principles by Charles Poliquin B.Sc M. Sc.
* DOMS : Misconceptions of Muscle Soreness by Evan Peck MD
* Periodization: Overcoming Training Plateaus by Evan Peck MD
* Weight Training Injuries : How to Avoid & Treat Them by Evan Peck MD
* Hybrid Training Solutions by Will Brink.

Video Review of Bodybuilding Revealed

Click Here to Watch the Video Review

The BRR Private Members Area

In addition to the quality bonus material BBR customers receive, a large part of the value a customer receives when purchasing BBR is the 12 months access to the BBR private members area.

In the BBR members area, customers have access to a vast number of high quality tools:

Some of these tools include:

* 1 on 1 on access to Will Brink and paid, trained coaches
* A highly organized and moderated private forum
* An online Diet Planner which amongst other functionality, allows users to store their diets, create recipes, view their progress, tally macro nutrients, create meals, provide a visual graph of LBM gained and fat lost, and log every single piece of food the eat with real time analysis. In general keep a tight grip on their muscle building diet
* Exercise Videos: Customers can watch all the exercises from the training section with online videos.
* Nutrition Database, allows customers to find out the protein, fat, carb and other values of over 20,000 foods, these can then be implemented as custom foods into the Diet Planner
* Gallery, users can upload photos and get feedback from others
* Pre Made Diets and Workout Charts, customers can download dozens of pre made diets in Excel/PDF format, as well as printable workout charts for all the workouts in the e-book (including charts for Charles Poliquin’s section)
* Daily motivation quotes and a weekly bodybuilding video are shown.
* Users can chat in real time with the popular chat box
* Resources, such as body fat % calculators, 1 rep max calculator are all included
* Guru Articles, a section with exclusive content from authors such as Will Brink, Tom Venuto, Charles Staley, Milos, John Berardi and others.

I can’t recommend it enough.

To learn more about Will’s incredible Body Building Revealed click here.

Not Sure? Get an Evaluation Version for FREE

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Comments, have you seen it?

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

I thought you would want to know about a new resource I’ve just discovered…

It’s called by Ryan Lee and he claims whether you want to lose weight or you’re an athlete who wants to take your game to the next level, he has the solution for you.

Every workout in the network was created by a fitness expert. There are no computerized programs created by a geeky IT department, our workouts are battle-tested, easy to follow and ready for you.

But there was something missing from’s 43 different workout websites. Something that wasn’t quite there.

Find out if really does what the “gurus” are telling you… before you order. You will joyful you heard me out…



Marc C. DavidAuthor of the Beginner’s Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding

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The Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

From the Desk of Marc David
Date: Novemeber 11th, 2006 7:00pm PST

Looking for the best abdominal exercises?

After running a very successful online bodybuilding forum, I can tell you that the second most frequently asked question by beginners and advanced athletes is…

“How do I get a 6 pack? I do and I’m X% body fat… but I still can’t see my abs?”

Nick Nilsson has done it with his complete training guide. Make no mistakes. This is the real deal.

Eye-catching, fantastic six-pack abdominal muscles!! You see them on the beach in the summer. Some of the fittest people at the gym may have them. It’s something that everyone wants, yet not everyone is able to achieve. Great-looking abs are the envy of everyone, and you want them! You work hard, but can never quite get there.

What if I told you that you, too, can have a knock-out midsection? The kind of abs splashed in all the fitness and bodybuilding magazines…the abs that have everyone staring as you walk by. And, you can achieve them spending less time a day than it will take you to read this message from start to finish!

If you’re excited, you’re still not half as excited as I am to share this information with you. I GUARANTEE you that, if you use the exercises and training programs in an eye-opening new training book by Nick Nilsson, author of “Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss” and “The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of,” you will not only take your abdominal development FAR beyond where it is right now, but you will also learn secrets that will ensure you:

- Develop six-pack abs that pop out and make a washboard look like a chalkboard
- Tighten your waist to wasp-like proportions
- Flatten your stomach in areas (such as the lower belly bulge) where regular crunches fail
- Develop astonishing core strength, rock-solid stability, and explosive power
- Tighten the muscles under the love handles to make these bulges practically disappear
- Target the hard-to-reach lower abs with guided-missile precision
- Make every moment of your ab training extremely effective, slashing workout times while creating abs that have the finest trainers begging for YOUR secrets

The facts are plain and simple, all ab exercises are NOT created equal. If they were, those thousands of crunches you’ve been doing would have already paid off by now. But, they haven’t, and you want powerful new exercises that are going to get you results fast…not the same old thing!

In Nick’s new book, “The Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of,” you’ll find 55 unique and powerful, never-before-seen exercises that work your abdominal muscles from every conceiveable angle!

You’ll get 55 great descriptions on how to do the exercises along with full-color photos and videos! And, if the exercises and videos aren’t enough, he’s designed very specific programs to help you achieve off-the-charts results. You’ll take your abdominal and core training FAR beyond where you’ve ever been with these highly targeted programs:

- Waist and Love Handle Minimizer- Core-Strength Workouts- No-Equipment Workouts- Six-Pack Workouts- Abdominal-Detail Workouts- Explosive-Core-Strength Workouts- Lower-Ab Workouts- Swiss Ball Workouts- Serratus Builders
And more…
No matter what your goal or desire for your abs, he’s got a program that puts it all together and WORKS!

You’ll find ab exercises that:

Carve your mid-section into rock-solid shape by pumping your abs! Oh sure, you’ve trained and felt the burn, but where has it ever gotten you? If you’ve ever felt that phenomenal pump in your biceps while you work them…the pump that means you’re getting awesome results, then you’ll love knowing how to achieve that same pump in your abs, the pump that makes your abs feel like carved granite, the pump that lets you know you’re getting great results!

Create an eye-popping six-pack that will reach out and GRAB attention. The exercises in this book make the contraction in ordinary ab exercises feel like a gentle breeze. You’ll get MAXIMUM tension at the most “anatomically possible” contracted position, creating the abs you’ve always wanted!

Imrprove your bench press. Work these exercises hard, and you’ll NEVER have trouble locking out a heavy bench press again.

Work all sections (upper abs, lower abs, and side abs) with innovative and powerful exercises designed to absolutely SHRED your midsection…you WON’T find these exercises anywhere else.

Let me put it this way…

By the time you go through these exercises and work them hard, you won’t have just plain old abs anymore…you’ll have a steel-belted, wasp-tight, power-packed core!

If you want next-generation ab exercises that will hit your abs in ways you’ve NEVER experienced before, I highly recommend you check out “The Best Ab Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of” right this second.

Click this link to check it out now!

Best Abdominal Exercises

P.S. This is NOT your typical ab training book that shows you a bunch of exercises you already know. I’ve gone through this book and I can’t believe how many completely new exercises are in it. If you’re serious about getting amazing abs, you owe it to yourself to check this out now!

Best Abdominal Exercises

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Mission Abdominals : 3 Keys to Six Pack Abs

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

This Special Offers Ends On May24th, 2006 at MIDNIGHT (PST)

A woman recently wrote in to a popular fitness website’s Q & A column and said she would do anything to have a body like Miss Fitness Olympia, Monica Brant.

The very next day, another woman e-mailed and said, “I wanna look like Demi Moore, Sheryl Crow, Halle Berry or Jennifer Aniston, NOT Miss Olympia.”

A 19 year old said he wanted to get huge, absolutely massive muscles – like the pro bodybuilders.

Other guys say they don’t want to get too big – they want to fit into their business suits nicely and they just want a few inches off their waist, and that “Men’s Fitness” look.

I’m not sure what your idea of a “perfect body” looks like because everyone has different goals and different standards of physical attractiveness.

But there’s one thing that everyone wants …


I’ve never met a single person, male or female, young or old, who didn’t want a lean, flat stomach with a “six pack” of abs.

Abs are the one “defining” part of the body considered universally attractive and desirable… abdominal flab is always an unwanted guest.

Ironically, getting great abs is the one goal that seems to elude most people.

How many people do you know – maybe even yourself – who have successfully reduced their body fat percentage, taken in their belt a few notches, dropped a few pounds, and yet they STILL don’t have that rock-hard, flat-stomach six-pack look?

When you flip through the fitness magazines, you see awesome abs everywhere, but when you go to the beach, the pool or the park in the summer, how many sets of six pack abs do you actually see in public?

You have to agree – a truly impressive set of six pack abs is a rare sight.

Why is it so hard to achieve the ripped abs look, and how do you get it? There is an answer…

Most people are either going about it completely wrong, or they are on the right track, but their approach is incomplete.

The first place they stumble is that they believe ab exercises alone will get them a six pack. Ab exercise strengthens and develops the muscles but it does not necessarily remove the body fat.

You could have great abdominal muscle development, and strength, but if your body fat is too high, then you still will not be able to see them.

This is because most of your fat is “subcutaneous” – which means the fat is stored right UNDERNEATH your skin, but right ON TOP of your muscles – covering up your muscle definition.

A good example of this is when a bodybuilder “bulks up” after a competition, gaining excess fat. This bodybuilder already has impressive muscle mass and abdominal development. The muscles are still there – underneath - but when they get covered up with fat they’re no longer visible.

So, the #1 key to getting great abs is body fat reduction.

If your body fat is not low enough, you will never see your abs. You need a method for reducing body fat to a level low enough that allows your abdominals show through.

The ideal fat reduction method must include nutrition, cardio training and strength training.

Ask yourself, are you leaving out any one of these critical components?

Are you dieting without exercising? Are you doing cardio, but not weight training? Are you training hard, but eating poorly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are going to have difficulty getting the six pack abs look until you get all three into place at the same time.

Key #2 is to diet properly in a manner that is hormonally and
physiologically correct, in order to make sure you avoid hitting
a fat loss plateau.

It’s common to get great results when you first start a program, but then you hit a fat loss plateau within 4-12 weeks where fat loss slows down or stops completely.

Sound familiar?

This happens because there is a lag time before your body recognizes a severe calorie deficit and when it does, your body fights back to maintain homeostasis.

Once your body starts getting clear signals that there’s a food shortage, your metabolic rate will decrease. Fat burning hormones like leptin and thyroid will also decrease and the appetite center in your brain will get turned up full blast.

This explains from a physiological point of view, why “the last 10 pounds” is such a drag to lose – it’s because your body goes into “starvation mode” before you get lean enough to see your abs.

How do you avoid starvation mode? Simple – don’t starve yourself! Most conventional diet programs are based on extreme calorie restriction, which almost always works in the beginning, and almost never works for long. There are exceptions. For example, the entire Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program is based on this premise:

It’s better to burn the fat than to starve the fat (eat more, burn more)

Key #3 to 6-pack abs and the body you want is to use the right
combination of cardio and strength training.

There are three different types of training you must do to get great abs.

One is cardio vascular training to assist with the fat burning process.

The second is weight training - for your entire body – which will increase lean body mass. Lean muscle is the engine that drives your metabolism.

The third is the specific abdominal exercises.

Ab exercises alone don’t work.

Diets alone don’t work.

“Diets don’t work” is more than a cliché, it is a physiological truth. Exercise combined with nutrition is the answer, not one or the other.

When I first read the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program, I noticed that it was based on on all three of these keys… plus the motivational tools you need to put these keys to work in your life. For long term success, you can’t just diet and you can’t just exercise, you need a program that has both.

When you add the “mental training” component, which includes setting goals properly, visualizing, and focusing your mind on what you want (not what you want to avoid), this gives you the motivation to stick with your exercise and nutrition program more easily and consistently.

And there you have it… the fat burning, ab revealing formula.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Burn The Fat program or not (it’s very popular online), but if not, then please keep reading because this is a better time than ever to start a fat burning program that gives you all three keys to six pack abs.

For the next three days only, The Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program is being offered with a brand new, never-before-advertised bonus.

Here’s the deal:

David Grisaffi, who is widely known as “the abs guru,” recently interviewed me on the subjects of fat loss and abdominal training and we’ve just released it in a brand-new and exclusive report called…

For more details, read on, or visit this page

This Mission Abdominals interview transcript is published in a professionally designed and edited 54-page e-book format (suitable for printing), and has tons of great information about nutrition, supplements, weight training, cardio, core training, abdominal exercise and a lot more.

After reading Mission Abdominals, you will understand not only how to protect yourself from gimmicks and rip offs, but also how to slash your body fat level and develop great abs that will be admired and envied on the beach, at the pool or in the gym.

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Incredible Abdominal Resource By Fat Loss Guru : Tom Venuto

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

This website was built as a free information and consumer protection resource in direct response to the proliferation of abdominal training, waist reducing and weight loss gimmicks, fads, myths, lies and misinformation that have flooded the Internet in recent years, making it more difficult than ever to separate fact from fiction. With the information you’ll find here on this site, you’ll become a smarter and savvier consumer and finally start getting the results you want.

Here’s what you’ll find on the Amazing Abdominals website:

• Ask the “Ab Guru” Q & A by David Grisaffi
• Ask the “Fat Loss Guru” Q & A column by Tom Venuto
• Articles and advice about the best abdominal exercises
• Articles and advice about abdominal training and core conditioning for sports performance
• Articles and advice about training your abs just to look good on the beach (getting a “six pack”)
• Articles and advice for bodybuilding, fitness, figure, or transformation competition training and dieting (how to get “ripped abs”)
• Articles and advice about how to use core training and abdominal exercise to eliminate low back pain
• Ab training routines and ab workouts
• Reviews of abdominal machines and equipment, including infomercial products
• Reviews of waist slimming and reducing products
• Reviews of abdominal and core training books and programs
• Reviews of weight loss books and programs
• Reviews of fat burning supplements
• Delicious, fat burning recipes
• A FREE monthly newsletter with the latest news about abdominal and core training techniques and fat burning secrets
• And much, much more!

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