Are You on Facebook Yet?

Are You on Facebook yet? This isn't another MySpace (although it is a type of social site). In the last few months I've been testing it out and sharing some things that I just couldn't do otherwise thru email or blog posts. I've really seen an influx of fitness experts joining the social media sites and creating profiles, pages and groups to connect with other like-minded individuals. I've created my profile over at Facebook and so far, I've been able to upload some great videos about healthy meals, what to do if you are injured and a little tip...

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How to Workout at Work

Frankly, this had me in stitches and it's a little Friday humor. I think these guys are serious but I can't really see the co-workers I used to work with honestly doing this and being on conference calls and the computer. Can you? No offense if you purchased one! I just thought the commercial for this was brilliant and quite funny. It's called the [tag-tec]Hawaii Chair[/tag-tec].

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How to Evaluate Any Supplement

What my mom didn't tell me about buying supplements and what I'm about to tell you could save you hundreds of dollars in worthless purchases or worse yet.. an ineffective and potentially dangerous supplement! How Does a Supplement Become a Supplement? To answer this question, what better place to get the information then the FDA’s own website. “The FDA regulates dietary supplements under a different set of regulations than those covering “conventional” foods and drug products (prescription and Over-the-Counter). Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the dietary supplement manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that a dietary supplement is...

Fat Blocker Drugs (Xenical) To Go Over The Counter?

According to headlines this week, Xenical may become the first over the counter diet pill.Xenical is currently a prescription only drug approved by the FDA for weight loss, which works by blunting fat absorption by blocking the digestive enzyme lipase.Continued...MP3 File

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Uncensored Bodybuilding Audio Podcasts

As of October 1st, 2005, these podcasts will move to the website.Please visit that site for the full story.Hopefull you have really gotten something out of these 65 or so podcast episodes. And no matter, your comments and questions are always welcome.Look for a couple more podcasts and a final note.All the listeners are top-notch. Without you, I'd just be talking to myself. No so fun.Regards,Marc C DavidMP3 File

Got Questions?

Here's how you can send in your questions to the Uncensored Bodybuilding and Fitness podcast.Take a listen for the step by step how to send me your questions.I'd put my email right here but spam is a real problem.MP3 File

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Would you recommend Muscle Milk as a meal replacement?

Question:Hey Marc,I want to start eating 5 meals a day, unfortunately I do not have the time to stop and get me a second meal at work. I know i could use a meal-replacement instead. my question is... Would you recomend Muscle milk as meal-replacement ? I understand you could get quality protein, and carbs from it. If not, what are other good supplements?Thanks for all your help,DanielAnswer:Muscle Milk can be used as a meal replacement. It's not specifically marketed as one but it can be used as one. In fact, I have done that a few...

What are some good basic supplements?

Question:hey its me again, i love youre podcast and ive been looking for supplements that are right for me but im not sure what any of them do, im looking for something to boost my workout, make my muscles stronger/bigger faster.TomasAnswer:Basic Supplementation:Post workout shake: 40-50 grams of whey protein (this is essential); youcan throw in between 50-100 grams of dextrose and 5-10 grams of creatineto spice it up, but the whey is essential.Fish oil/EFA -- 5-15 grams per day.Joints (if necessary) -- glucosamine, chondritin and MSM. 1-2 grams, 1-2 grams, and 2grams per day are the upper limits. You can...

What exactly is the nutrional benefit of Fish Oil?

Question:What exactly is the nutrional benefit of Fish Oil? I know that it is labelled a 'good fat.' But how does it help in weight training programs. Thanks ahead for the advice.Thanks,LeeAnswer:Omega 3's are a polyunsatured fat that can be found in such sources like fish and nuts. You will find this Omega-3 in Salmon, coconuts, peanut butter and other fish. There are many health benefits to this particualr supplement. Here's just a few: Increases growth hormone levels (promotes muscle growth) Reduced blood clotting Heart protection Dilates blood vessels Reduced blood pressure ...

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When is the best time to take creatine?

Question: Hi Marc, Is it better to take recommended dosage (3-5g/day) all at once or spread throughout day rather uniformly? Either way of taking it, I would take some or all post-exercise and in the mornings of my off days. I think in the report it didn't address this directly. In addition, I got conflicting advice for usage from two creatine products (Life Extensions Micronized Creatine Powder vs. GNC Creatine Monohydrate). FYI: I guess including fat and protein with creatine would cause slower absorbtion, so I am leaning towards taking it all at once. Thanks for your time on clarifying this issue for me. Sincerely, Charles Answer: Hi...