Carb Backloading

Carb Backloading Question from Facebook: I'm in great shape right now, thanks to your advice and all your info, but notice your talking about this carb back-loading thing. You don't think that actually works do you? I went to the site and it sounds like another "fad diet" to me. - Scott Does Carb Backloading Work? Scott, define "what actually works?" If you simply mean... does this crazy sounding program carb backloading by John Kiefer that I've been following almost to the letter for 2 month, that has all these typical before and after shots plus the marketing pitch of eating junk food on the sales...

Diet Help: A Step by Step Analysis

QUESTION: I need some diet advice. I'm in a huge rut and I'm very depressed about it. I think I need to switch up the foods I eat becaue right now I stay around 180lbs and can't get in the 170's. I noticed you weigh about that, so can you give me at least one day of a total days food that you ate in one day.

Free Reports: Holy Grail Reports

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Dave DePew Interviews the NoBull Muscle Guy

Dave DePew, MFT, LSN is an experienced San Diego-based Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Strength Coach, and Natural Bodybuilder. His fitness boot camps and numerous radio shows and segments are all part of the, “The Dave DePew Network”, as he is well known for physique transformations and is highly sought after in the San Diego area. In this show, Dave interviews me about my NoBull Bodybuilding book, some of the things every natural bodybuilder needs to know, and how I use awareness to continually propell myself and everybody I teach towards their goals …

Hugo Rivera Interview: Part 2

Marc David’s interview with bodybuilding and muscle building expert Hugo Rivera continues (from part one). In part two you will learn the most important supplement of in a bodybuilding program, how often to change your routine, Hugo's personal feeling on fat loss supplements, nutritional tracking and much much more.