Training or Nutrition: What’s More Important?

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Cheap Testosterone Test

Cheap Testosterone Tests
If you haven't ever taken the time to do a blood work test to start a baseline, now is as good of a time as any.  Will Brink (fellow fitness expert) wrote up an excellent article on the importance of blood work. My visit to the life extension clinic to get a baseline for my blood work cost me exactly $250 (3 vials of blood; test results explained to me by the doctor).  It wasn't free.

Poll: Why are kids fat?

Why are kids fat? The other day I overheard two people at my gym talking about why they think kids today are fatter than 20 years ago. I think it's a bit more complicated than pointing to more access to a soda.  But what do you think? Why are kids fat?

Time Out and a Special Thank You

Reader Comments
Thank you Alan. You know.... it wasn't a crazy fitness article that prompted me to really discuss the meal frequency topic you commented on.  It was a slew of e-mails from "fitness professionals" in my own industry that are very well versed in using the word as a sword.  They know how to write, to stir up controversy and sell.  I can't possibly pay attention to all the B.S. that goes on but this one got my goat if you will.  It wasn't just twisting the truth it was flat out pure unadulterated bullshit and being the NoBull guy, I had...

Who Reads This Blog?

If YOU are reading this ... thank you because you are part of the audience of this blog.  I may be mostly focused in the United States (maybe because this blog is all in English or the fact I don't use the metric system) but in any case, there's readers all over the world in almost every country that are interested in health and fitness ... specifically bodybuilding. Most of the time, I'm speaking, you are listening (reading) and I never get to greet and meet the people who give me the energy to answer questions.  At times, it's important to...

Top 35 Things I Learned In 2011

With 2011 coming to an end, I've learned a few things myself.  And in 2012, I have no doubts, I'll be learning a lot more.  I'm stronger and more fit now than I was 5 years ago.  I thought 5 years ago I was the strongest I'd ever be. While this list is in no way definitive or comprehensive, it's long enough that I hope just ONE of these items will ring true.  I don't know everything.  I'm hoping you will help me out at the end of my list by contributing a few things you've learned in 2011. Here's my top...

How to Win a Body Transformation Contest in 3 Surefire Steps

Body Transformation Tips
Do you ever wonder how some people seem to know how to win a body transformation contest?  You might even start to notice the same people come close to winning several of them year after year.  To the layman, a body transformation contest appears to be only about the person who lost the most weight or built the most muscle.  If this is what you think about body transformation contests, you are incorrect.  Let me explain... After watching several transformation contests occur in several internet forums, I've found many similarities between the winners of these competitions.  There's something about the methods...
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