Gift Ideas for Almost Any Respectable Bodybuilder

Question: Dear Marc, My SO is really into bodybuilding.  Being female, I'm cool with it as he looks great but I have no idea what would say that I get this sport and I support him.  Do you have any gift ideas for my bodybuilding boyfriend? Answer: So it's a gift for bodybuilders you want?  Male or Female, here's a great list for that special bodybuilder.  These are a list of must have items or items that make working out more enjoyable, safe and fun.  Price varies as some are inexpensive but most if not all are under $100.  Any serious bodybuilder either...

Carb Backloading Fights Cavities

During my last dental cleaning the hygenist flat out said, "Wow, there's nothing really here.  I've never seen anybody with so little plaque." In all my years of going to the dentist, this was by far the easiest, no scraping I've ever had in my entire life!  I had no caries! Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or a cavity. The Start of My Hypothesis I had some ideas in my mind why my cleaning went so well but I never really understood them until I saw the slide above.  When I did, it made sense.  Let me explain. I travel frequently to various...

Blender Bottle – BPA Free Protein Shaker

 Pros: Surgical grade stainless steel mixing ball included BPA Free Odor and impact resistant Flip cap that stays open 28oz total capacity (larger models) Doesn't leak Oz and Ml markings clearly visible Dishwasher safe (top rack) Cons:

I’m Fat – You’re Fat – We’re Fat – No I’m Not

Seriously several times a day my mind convinces me that I'm a bit chubby, to a bit leaner today, to convincing me I need to go low calorie or low carb for a few too if I want to get serious in the gym, I need to be in a surplus. Somebody once said, "listen to your body."  I agree, you should.  But for the love of life... IGNORE your mind! It's psychotic at times and there's 15 different personalities in there all trying to sabotage your goals. Have a Clearly Defined Plan in Writing The best thing you can do is have a...

Fake it Till You Make it

At some point you’ve head the phase, “fake it till you make it.”  This could be in regards to almost anything.  I’ve heard it in the context of becoming a better author.  Maybe you’ve heard it regarding public speaking. But maybe you’ve not heard it in relation to bodybuilding and building the body of your dreams. Most people I talk to seem to think they need the ..

I Love Bodybuilding Because You Get What You Put In

It occurred to me while driving that not many things in life are free and certainly without somebody taking a piece of your effort.  Take for example... Wages Financial Income Bonus Checks Licenses Purchases and so much more All these things can be taxed.  While this isn't a fair comparison (the cost of living in society is not the same as personal accomplishments), it's the number one reason why I love bodybuilding.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment that cannot otherwise be diminished. I Love Bodybuilding Because You Get What You Put In If I workout 100%, I get 100% of the gains.  Nobody can take that away. ...

Bodybuilding Podcasts – You’re Mind & Ears Will Thank You Later

When I first started my bodybuilding podcast back in 2005, I was thrilled with the success of my initial podcasting efforts as nobody in fitness was doing it.  Being quite technical, I excelled at it and lots of people flocked to it because I was almost first to market. I've done over 250 "shows" mostly by myself and a few superstar guests like Tom Venuto and Hugo Rivera to name a few. It's been great and I plan to continue at my snail's like pace by myself because that's how I roll.  Although I do need to start my bodybuilding podcast up...

How to Create a Successful Supplement Company

While there are many ways to get rich (I know of seven), there's fewer to creating a truly successful supplement company from the ground up.  With all the laws governing the creating and sale of supplements, the previous entrepreneur path of making a product in your garage and selling it are long gone.  By the way... While it's true you might make something in your garage today, your distribution methods are limited and it's not a free for all (Wild West) like it once might have been.  There will always been law breakers, cons and cheats but regulation is much better...

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