5 Mass Building Tips Webinar Audio

The audio from the Jeff Anderson interview where he tells you his 5 mass building tips is below. Lots of great content - more than an hours worth.  Just click to play and enjoy what Jeff has to teach about the importance of building muscle - and how easy the process has gotten. The program he mentions is Advanced Mass Building. Marc David p.s. Yes, the offer I made and Jeff made on the call is still good.

Blazing Trails: Jack LaLanne

How true it is and more true today with the Internet, mass e-mail, ClickBank books, and everybody jumping on the bandwagon of "I've got a solution for your weight loss problem." “Something else that worries me is the advertising on television today. It’s killing Americans, and we have to do something about it. Just watch TV for an hour and you’ll see people —especially athletes—selling their souls for millions of dollars to endorse the very items making people fat and unhealthy—cakes, pies and soda pop.” - Jack LaLanne When Jack LaLanne opened the nation’s first health club in 1936, people thought he was nuts....