How Technology Reshaped My Fitness

This is a guest post by Joe Pawlikowski, a fitness obsessed blogger When you've been hitting the gym for 10 years but still have a beer gut, you start to ask yourself questions. Where did I go wrong? What is the guy with the six pack doing that I'm not? What can I do differently? When I started asking myself these questions, I had no answers. That's because I had no data. In fact, I used to laugh at the guys who brought notebooks to the gym. "Just lift," was my mantra. Fat lot of good it did me. There was no sense...

Top 6 Muscle Building Tips

Muscle Building Tips the Top 6 by guest author and Metabolic Masterpiece author, Scott Tousignant. Are you struggling to gain muscle? Feel like you are busting your butt with nothing to show for it? I sympathize with your frustrations. As a former hardgainer who thought he had tried everything, I can relate to disappointment that burdens you when the promise of massive muscle gain yields little to no results. I won’t guarantee that you will gain 10, 20, or even 30 pounds of muscle by applying the advice below... but I can guarantee that applying these 6 Muscle Building Tips with...

Body Transformation: A Beginners Step By Step Guide

This is a guest post by Scott Tousignant of Metabolic Masterpiece So you’ve made the decision to undergo a serious body transformation... ROCK ON! This is going to be an incredible life changing experience for you. Now before you begin sculpting your physique into a chiseled work of art, let’s make sure that all of your ducks are in a row. Here are 10 easy, yet crucial steps to ensure that you follow through to the end of your transformation and experience the best results possible.... But first.. some perspective. Day 1 Photos

How to Make a Successful Body Transformation

This is a guest post by Stefanie O'Donnell of CougarFitness. Transforming your body and fitness level is project a lot of people would like to take on, but very few people actually follow through to completion.  Why is this? Is it super difficult to achieve? Is it expensive and time-consuming? Is it a goal that is too lofty to reach? The answer is no to all of the above questions.  What most people need is simply the recipe on what to do and how to get started.  Let me provide you with that here. But first, here's proof.