Squats with Resistance Bands

If you're stuck trying to get past a plateau and looking for alternative and unique methods to dig yourself out of a workout rut, you might want to keep reading. With the explosion of the modern internet and growing number of experts giving you rehashed but slightly twisted fitness information, we're all way past fitness overload. Getting past a plateau can be a huge hurdle if you are trying to continually make some type of progress in your workouts. This means that you should use every option at your disposal and be as efficient as possible in the gym in the time allotted. ...

Top 10 Gym Fails

Here are the top 10 funniest gym fails from all around the world.

Meal Frequency: Is Eating Six Times a Day Necessary?

One question that is popping up all over the bodybuilding space is the question is meal frequency.  Not just meal timing, just the basic question of how many times do I need to eat per day? Just the other day I received this note .... (for you who can't read, I'm not saying this, I said I received this) No study has ever confirmed that it is more efficient to eat 6 small meals as opposed to 3 big meals (or even 2!) in terms of body composition results. ZERO! Are those six meals a day I've heard about really necessary?  People have...

You’re Wecome

It's Thanksgiving and you know what that means: food, family, friends and sexy pilgrims. Check out Muscle Milk's foray into the world of branded entertainment with the world's first Thanksgiving R&B slow jam. The video stars Tenacious D member JR Reed and tells the story of the pilgrim who never made it into the history books. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving You're Welcome via The Sexy Pilgrim [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6YuLgyYZhc[/video]

Social Bookmarking For Bodybuilders

StumbleUpon (opens in a new window to my profile page) can be a major source of new and interesting sites for you to discover based upon your interests! This video introduces you to StumbleUpon, how it works, and how to use it. In this video you'll quickly see how one particular "social bookmarking" tool can help you discover useful fitness, health and even bodybuilding sites you might never have know about. About 2% of my all time favorite sites I found using this social bookmarking site called StumbleUpon. Tip: Be sure to fine turn your preferences so the sites...

FitDay: Custom Food Entry Trick

I'm a huge fan of FitDay.com, a free online food journal for counting calories. However, many times I've not been able to find a particular food I've eaten. FitDay allows for custom food entries but sometimes you just don't have the package nutritionals handy. Or maybe you aren't sure and don't feel like launching an Internet hunt to find out exactly what you just ate. That's where this little FitDay custom food entry trick comes in handy. Using the database of another site (a site I also like) you can quickly enter custom foods into FitDay and expand on...

Sports Injuries – What to Do If You are Injuried

Weight training, weight lifting and bodybuilding all come with the greatest prize of them all. The chance of an extended life and a better quality of living. On the other, for those who are sloppy, don't bother to learn anything about weight lifting or embark on a short-term quest to do a 300 workout without the slightest idea of their physical abilities, the same sport that offer the gift of better health, can give you a lifelong injury. Let me tell you a few things you can do if you are injured.