Where’s the Beef?

That's a good question!  If your meat comes from the third biggest seller of meat, United Kingdom based Tesco, it might contain some horse meat.  And not traces! In an effort to revive consumer faith, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland revealed 37% of its hamburger meat contains horse DNA in the Everyday Value line of the company's products. Burger King revealed that it employs the same beef supplier. Let's not even debate if horse meat is good for you or on the same par as cow.  I think it's a matter of trust.  When I order a burger I expect it to...

How Did We Get Here? Obesity Trends

Is obesity a national problem? Will it become a global problem? Here's the Center for Disease Control (CDC) obesity trends among adults from 1986 to 2010. The video shows shows the history of United States obesity prevalence from 1985 through 2010.

Good News for Alcohol Consuming Bodybuilders

Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol "may" reduce bone loss!  A study published in Menopause, showed that moderate alcohol consumption may prevent bone loss.  As you know (or do now if you didn't) bone is a living organism.  Doing weight bearing exercises has helped prevent bone loss as you age which is why I highly recommend weight training for as much of your life as possible. The researchers took 40 blood samples from  healthy postmenopausal women pre and post moderate alcohol consumption and concluded that drinking alcohol in moderate amounts helped slow down the bone turnover rate. What you need to know is...

If You Eat at Home, You are Not Alone

Thanks to a NPD report on the use of recipes for at home cooking, it looks like if you are one of the people who's cooking more at home, you are not alone.  This means things like bodybuilding recipes is on the rise!  That's great news for you because there's quite a few on this blog. People who use a recipe on a weekly basis has jumped from 37% back in 2005 to an almost high of 42% in 2011. A whopping 67% of U.S. households have used a receipe in the last month and 42% use it even more often!

Goodbye Sean O’Malley: Cardio Coach

I'm very sad today to have found out that Sean O'Malley, 40, of Boynton Beach, who earned three letters while playing in the defensive line for the Ole Miss Rebel, better known as the Cardio Coach has passed away.

Here’s How Consumer Reports Screws You Blind

In the July 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, there's a 4 page spread and chart showing that those favorite protein drinks of yours can contain potentially unsafe levels of heavy metals.  Things like Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium!  With such a report, it's almost a guarantee to rock the supplement world.  Or is it? Maybe the better question:  Should it? The full report will be in the July issue of Consumer Reports.  Or you can read the Consumer Report on Protein Drinks (opens in a new window) QUESTION: I just read the Consumer Reports article about potentially unsafe levels of heavy metals.  Some of...

Poll: Overweight? No Graduation for You.

In 2006, the university in Pennsylvania introduced its Fitness for Life programme with the aim of encouraging students to lose weight. They demised that if a student had a body mass index (BMI) - a ratio of weight to height - of above 30, then they should take some college-sanctioned steps to show they had lost weight or at least tried. These might include activities such as walking, exercises, various fitness games, etc. If those who were assigned to take these courses did not complete them, they would not be allow to graduate.  Similar in concept to United States high school "Exit Exam"...
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You… Look… Fablous

Now depending on what you're doing, mediocre workouts may be perfectly acceptable. There's little value in obsessing over a fitness if you are perfectly happy with your situation and your results. But for those of you who do want to make a serious change where nothing short of excellence will do, you need qualified, simple, professional instruction with no distracting flaws. You want to focus on what is being taught—not on the irritating humming sound or intermittent air puffs of the next hyped up overpriced diet book promising quick fixes to a long term, frustrating problem. The bad news is that there's...

Drinking Soda: A New Danger to Kidneys

Over the last 10 years, cases of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) increased in the U.S. by ~30%.  Somewhere around 26 million Americans are afflicted with CKD according to the National Kidney Foundation. The Kidneys Primary Job: filter blood excrete harmful chemicals When the Kidneys are Damaged This Affects: to get rid of waste affects blood pressure bone strength can be compromised blood production can be affected Not as a scare tactic but even low levels of kidney disease contribute to heart failure, arterial disease and strokes. What are the Risk Factors for Kidneys: diabetes high blood pressure excessive weight gain smoking The researches at Loyola University in Chicago found a potential new link between soda...

Most Americans Know Their Diet Stinks

In the latest National Grocers Association's 2009 Consumer Panel Survey, 66% of American consumers responded their diet could be healthier. Roughly 16% of the 2,145 individuals asked by the NGA Consumer Survey gave a response that their diet "could be a lot healthier," with 52% saying it would be "somewhat healthier." An astounding (at least to me) 24% said they took some type of supplement to improve their diets. But the most interesting part of the NGA Survey? 70% of respondents claimed the internet to be their primary source of information!  But only 26% said they trusted what they found in regards to nutrition...
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