Incredible Abdominal Resource By Fat Loss Guru : Tom Venuto

This website was built as a free information and consumer protection resource in direct response to the proliferation of abdominal training, waist reducing and weight loss gimmicks, fads, myths, lies and misinformation that have flooded the Internet in recent years, making it more difficult than ever to separate fact from fiction. With the information you’ll find here on this site, you’ll become a smarter and savvier consumer and finally start getting the results you want.

Here’s what you’ll find on the Amazing Abdominals website:

• Ask the “Ab Guru” Q & A by David Grisaffi
• Ask the “Fat Loss Guru” Q & A column by Tom Venuto
• Articles and advice about the best abdominal exercises
• Articles and advice about abdominal training and core conditioning for sports performance
• Articles and advice about training your abs just to look good on the beach (getting a “six pack”)
• Articles and advice for bodybuilding, fitness, figure, or transformation competition training and dieting (how to get “ripped abs”)
• Articles and advice about how to use core training and abdominal exercise to eliminate low back pain
• Ab training routines and ab workouts
• Reviews of abdominal machines and equipment, including infomercial products
• Reviews of waist slimming and reducing products
• Reviews of abdominal and core training books and programs
• Reviews of weight loss books and programs
• Reviews of fat burning supplements
• Delicious, fat burning recipes
• A FREE monthly newsletter with the latest news about abdominal and core training techniques and fat burning secrets
• And much, much more!

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  1. Bella:
    January 22, 2006 06:27 pm

    Tom Venuto ROCKS! Great site – will drop by again!

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