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Date: April 3, 2009

I’m sad really that Lewis Wolk decided to close down his Total Body Makeover.  When I first picked up the All Star Secrets, it contained over 8 professional trainers entire 30 day workout programs.  That was my first REAL exposure to the muscle building side of my friend, Tom Venuto.

Anyway…. I learned a lot and it’s the single greatest compilation I’ve got on my shelves still.  Many people you’ve heard of got their first program starts inside these volumes and then branched out.

Now all I see is $97 DVD sets and crap membership sites without any content.  Or better yet, pay for a membership site that has publically available content!  That’s my favorite.

The U.S. probably has the larest percentage of fitness professionals and yet, our ovearll population is more unhealthy than 10 years ago.  It ain’t working folks!  When people make money the #1 reason to pursure a fitness career and sell their snakeoil, you can bet you won’t be getting too much out of it.

Yeah.. I’m slighly heated.

So I get this note from Lewis Wolk…

He says.. Marc

“Due to other commitments I have decided to retire my AtoZfitness  Total Body Makeover and focus on promoting other products that Sarah and I will be reviewing or have reviewed lately .

Before I remove AtoZfitness Total Body Makeover from the internet I am liquidating the entire 8 Chapter e-book plus all bonuses for $14.99 .

If you ever considered adding AtoZfitness Total Body Makeover to your e-book collection now is the time to do it before I pull the entire website from the internet.

Visit for more details on all the bonuses that you will receive for $14.99 .”

Apparently Lewis is not only giving away the Total Body Makeover edition but he’s throwing in the 2 All Star Trainer’s Secrets Volume 1 and 2?!

Let me put that in bullet points for ya…

* Total Body Makover

* All Star Trainer’s Secrets

I’m not sure how long this will be up.  I’ve heard it’s being closed down this week or somewhere in the next few days.  I wanted to do some huge promotion about it but I’ve been in a funky place lately.  And frankly…

Not telling you about this would be a dis-service.  It’s a very good product for an incredible cheap price.  You’ll spend more in printing costs than you will for all the information packed into these books.

Still.. I’m sad to see it end.  It’s a great idea.  And I was honored when Lewis asked me to contribute a chaper.  I remember getting the e-mail asking me to be part of it while pulling out of a gas station in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was the start of my own awesome career.

Thank you Lewis.

Get your own copy before it’s no more.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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