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Dear Marc,

Creatine. I’ve read the articles in fitness magazines, I’ve even read some of the journal articles on the subject. There’s allot of conflicting info out there so I still have questions.

1. Is it safe, what are the side effects?
2. As I understand it, one of the things that creatine does is make your muscles retain some water, is this correct, and isn’t this just “retaining water” i.e. weight!!! (something I’m trying to reduce)
3. Assuming it’s save and won’t hurt my weight loss attempts, how is it best taken? I have the powder, can I add this to my after workout protein shake?

Thanks! (sorry for the multipart question).




No problem. Many people wonder what the heck creatine is? Is it safe? Should you take it? I’ve even had people argue that creatine is a steroid!

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Will Brink has put together an absolutely wonderful resources on the subject. Not only is it part of my Beginner’s Guide package (a secret bonus item) but it’s just a great report period.

You’ll need Abobe Acrobat to read this but it will be worth it.

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