A protein shake for the “not wanting to get fat girl”

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Hi I recently started to listen to your podcast and find it very interesting. I have been working out for a couple of years but only doing hard cardio for about 8 months. I have noticed that I have much more definition but am losing muscle mass on the whole. I was told it is because I am not getting enough protein and I am doing too much cardio (can this be true?). So what I was wondering was is there a protein powder out there that would help me get my muscle mass back with out losing my definition or increasing my body fat %?




The reason you are losing muscle mass is simply becuase you can’t maintain it! Could doing all that cardio be the culprint? Sure.

Let’s just say you need 2000 calories a day to maintain what you have. Let’s assume that you cut 10% via your nutrition in order to burn some fat.

Now you introduce more cardio, longer, harder and more intense.

You now need 2300 calories a day, minus the 10% in order to burn the fat.

But you don’t up the calories! You were still figuring in the 2000 based on what you were doing before.

Now you are at a 23% deficit.

Too much. Your body begins to hold onto it’s fat stores and burn any available carbs for energy and muscle. You body doesn’t need the muscle to survive and it can’t keep it. You start to lose muscle.

Now are you getting enough protein? That’s another question.

And really both answers are quite simple.

Grab a copy of the Top 12 Beginner’s Mistakes report and do 2 things IMMEDIATELY!

1) Figure out how many calories a day you need to reach your goals. You probably need to adjust because of the added cardio sessions.

2) Do the simply math on how much protein you need a day to ensure you are getting enough to support new muscle growth.

It’s that easy.

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