Caffeine Raising Blood Glucose Levels Says AJCN

May 30th, 2008

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A group of researchers at the University of Guelph, have conduced a study that reached a rather interestingstarbucks girl conclusion.

Drinking caffeinated coffee before your low-sugar, low-glycemic cereal can raise your blood glucose levels as much as 250%! According to this study, those who drank caffeinated coffee before their cereals really spiked their insulin compared to those who drank decaffeinated coffee (where’s the fun in that though).

These same researchers found the ingestion of caffeinated coffee with either a high or low GI meal significantly impairs acute blood glucose management and insulin sensitivity compared with ingestion of decaffeinated coffee.

Of course, the end result was that more research was needed to make any certain conclusions that caffeinated coffee could be a risk factor for insulin resistance.

The study did not list out what meets the criteria for a Western breakfast cereal. I think I’m pretty say with my daily raw oats and I don’t drink coffee before eating. I’ll have it with breakfast sometimes but more often than not, I drink my coffee about 60 minutes after my healthy breakfast.

Original Research Communication

Photo of the Venti Mocha by betsyjean79. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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Ideal Body Fat Percentage

May 22nd, 2008

body fat percentage chart

What is your ideal body fat percentage?

According the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) they have come up with a very simple body fat percentage chart that outlines from the essential body fat needed to survive to what is classified as obese. You should be able to use this body fat percentage chart to find your ideal body fat percentage based on your gender and age.

Average Body Fat Ranges for Males and Females
Gender Male Female Male Female Male Female
Age 18 - 39 40 - 59 60 - 79
Essential Fat 2% to 4% 10% to 13% 2% to 4% 10% to 13% 2% to 4% 10% to 13%
Underfat 5% to 7% 14% to 20% 5% to 10% 14% to 22% 5% to 12% 14% to 23%
Healthy 8% to 19% 21% to 32% 11% to 21% 23% to 33% 13% to 24% 24% to 35%
Obese 20% + 33% + 22% + 34% + 25% + 36% +

* Chart courtesy of the ISSA

Note: You may have heard terms like the following: Lean, ripped, shredded, contest shape, competition shape. If so, those terms generally refer to the category listed above as underfat. For example, if you are a male, who’s 25 years old, with significant muscle mass at 6%… not only are you lean, you are probably ripped, shredded and huge and possibly standing on stage in contest shape.

Body Fat Tips:

In the past few years, I’ve received many questions (mostly from males) asking if they should bulk or cut first. I use this chart as a reference in conjuction with their overall goals. I prefer to use my current body fat as a health gauge vs. my height vs. weight. If you are a tall skinny person with a rather unusual higher than normal percentage of body fat, you’d be very unwise to start bulking up and adding more body fat without first knowing the reasons why you might be in your particular situation. Using body fat as a measurement vs. other visual aids is more accurate, safer and will help monitor your overall muscle gains or fat loss.

* If you are a male or a female who’s looking to step on stage or just wants to look good for summer, then take a quick body fat percentage check. Using that, you can then determine your best option if it’s to cut or bulk.

* If you are at the top end of healthy or considered to be obese by body fat percentage standards, focus on burning the fat. Your goal should be to get healthy first and then adjust as necessary. If you are already at the top end of healthy and you want to “bulk up,” you’ll get stronger but you probably will add more fat to your body composition making you more at risk.

* Take a body fat measurement weekly or monthly to get a continual status update of your progress. When you start a new program you should take a new measurement for a baseline.

* Don’t let a body fat measurement control your life! It’s just one of many indicators of progress and/or health. A body fat caliper can be quite accurate with practice but seek medical advice in conjunction with your own findings.

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Monster Milk

May 20th, 2008

From the Marc David Rumor Mill: Monster Milk!

Rumor has it that Cytosport is going to release a higher in protein for the hardcore bodybuilder. Code name: Monster Milk All I could get was killer packaging, embossed words, wild eyes on the cover and a black scoop. I couldn’t even confirm the protein blends in this thing. But if it’s anything like Muscle Milk, it’s going to taste great.

What is Cytosport Monster Milk?

What: Monster Milk by Cytosport

Why: Hardcore bodybuilder who wants more high quality protein per serving

When: Summer 2008

Who: Designed for the bodybuilder who’s primary goal is quality and not price alone

Nutritionals: 50g of protein

Price: In the range of $50

If you want updates on this supplement, I urge you to subscribe to this particular entry. Either via e-mail or a feed reader. I’ll update this entry with more information including my own review of this new Cytosport supplement when it becomes available.


Monster Milk Trademark

Photo of the question ring by oberazzi (Tim O’Brien). Used under a Creative Commons license.

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Top 10 Nutrition Facts for Coffee

May 19th, 2008

Here’s some interesting nutrition facts for coffee that may be of interest to you. Especially those on a healthnutrition facts for coffee quest which includes the bodybuilder looking to build muscle.

Most people think of coffee as the beverage to get your caffeeine addition taken care of for the day. Worldwide numbers run as high at 85% of all caffeeine consumed comes from coffee. This figure alone makes the #1 reason people drink coffee is for stimulation.

The actual caffeine content can vary greatly depending on the beans and method of brewing used. But here’s a quick breakdown of the average caffeine in coffee. If you need more nutrition facts for coffee on a particular brand or coffee house creation, it’s best to check out that vendor’s website.  Adding in sugars and additional shots can change your standard cup of joe into something entirely different.

Average Caffeine Content in Coffee:

* Drip coffee: 115–175 mg
* Espresso: 100 mg
* Brewed: 80–135 mg
* Instant: 65–100 mg
* Decaf, brewed: 3–4 mg
* Decaf, instant: 2–3 mg

Possible Benefits of Drinking Coffee (in no particular order):

1. Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease
2. Reduced risk of gallstone disease
3. Reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease (80% less likely to develop for those regular coffee consumers)
4. Enhanced cognitive performance
5. Analgesic enhancement (increases the effectiveness of certain types of pain killers)
6. Reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes
7. Antioxidants in coffee (many people get their only source of antioxidants from coffee)
8. Cardioprotective
9. Reduced risk of cancer (oral, esophageal, and pharyngeal cancer)
10. Reduced asthma attacks

Potential Risks of Excess Coffee Consumption:

1. Sleep pattern changes
2. Increased anxiety
3. Staining of the teeth (my dentist always bugs me about this one.)
4. Effects on pregnancy and menopause
5. Cholesterol (French Press method can use trap cafestol and kahweol which may raise LDL levels that paper filters capture)

Overall, coffee offers many benefits and very little side effects to the average consumer of this beverage.  You’ll reap more rewards by drinking it in moderation.  That’s 1-2 cups per day.  Overconsumption of caffeine does have its drawbacks.

Recommended Resources for more Nutrition Facts for Coffee:

Plenty of health benefits are brewing in America’s beloved beverage

Daily caffeine ‘protects brain’

Coffee and health

Calories in Coffee

Photo of the coffee by Thomas Hawk. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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May 6th, 2008

If you already know him, you’ll know it’s the truth… and if you don’t, you’ll just have to trust me!

When it comes to anything about Muscle, my friend, Jeff “The Muscle Nerd” Anderson is the REAL deal!

Building muscle can be one of the most confusing and difficult tasks any bodybuilders facts. With hundreds of generic training programs to rip-off supplement companies selling billions of dollars worth of junk to consumers…

And Jeff Know How To Build Muscle.

At least that’s what I’ve always thought. I’ve used his Optimum Anabolics program several times in the past 2 years with wild success.

Jeff is the type of guy that’s always there.

Helping. Teaching. Entertaining.

Now Jeff wants to help you advanced bodybuilders EXPLODE your mass building success - in just 4 weeks doing a few hardcore workouts with some unique twists.

Advanced Mass Building is strictly about building MASSIVE amounts of MUSCLE…PERIOD!

Here’s what you’ll find in this F.R.E.E. Special Report:

1.) How to EAT to build mass…based upon your SPECIFIC “BODY TYPE”!

(One-size-fits-all nutrition plans are for “newbies”! Do you know the exact changes YOU need to make if you’re either a skinny Ectomorph, or “chubby”Endo?

2.) Which training frequency has been scientifically PROVEN to work better for building muscle: 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-DAY training routines?

(Hint: No matter how you answer, you’ll only be HALF RIGHT! I’ll fill you in on the OTHER HALF and why it’s one of the KEY GROWTH FACTORS if your goal is to really pack on some serious size.)

3.) The PROPER way to “cycle” your training to ELIMINATE no-growth “plateaus” once and for all!

4.) How the TIME OF DAY affects your ability to grow muscle (and the 2 EXACT TIMES you should target to pack on some insane mass!)

5.) The secret to awakening “dormant” muscle fibers that have never grown before…and kick them into “super-growth” mode for the gains of your life!

PLUS…there are a bunch of other KILLER “mass building” tips waiting for you!

This is an entirely NEW way of training that is going to absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY!

You will learn exactly how you can take your workouts to levels you never thought possible using advanced techniques.

Jeff just released his Advanced Mass Building. And being the guy he is, he’s priced them at less than 10% of their true value. See…

You’ll be getting a great deal just from his books alone.

But I’m Not Happy Just Giving You A Great Deal.

I love DELIGHTING my subscribers with more than that…

So I’m throwing in - not one - not three… but SIX extra bonuses + TWO special gifts - just for taking a look at this offer.

The Bonuses Include:

* 6 Ph.D. APPROVED MASS BUILDING MEAL PLANS - these are exclusive creations only accessible to my “NoBull Bodybuilding” customers, and have never been offered anywhere before - at any price. People who have used them were delighted. Some have gone to build so much muscle they are now competing in
bodybuilding shows.

At a conservative estimate, these meal plans are worth $97 or more. They contain the expertise of over 16 years of my bodybuilding wisdom doubled checked by nutritional experts. There’s a plan for everyone.

* fat loss, lean bodybuilder, mass builder, low cholesterol/low fat, wheat free, low fat vegetarian

But wait? Isn’t Jeff offering up meal plans? Sure but they are by Empowered Nutrition. I’m not impressed. So I’m upping the ante and offering you the…

Bugatti Veyron of mass building meal plans.

You can have them - for FREE.

… along with these special gifts (but only if you hurry - see below).

* Measure Your Progress (MYP) body tracking software. Tracking your progress is now easy when you input some simple measurements, you’ll know within seconds if you are building muscle and burning fat. Progress tracking is an essential and often overlooked component of any program. Not anymore.

* Prepare to Win - a complete step by step guide to getting ripped up and preparing for your first bodybuilding competition. If you wonder how those bodybuilders get the paper-thin look, no water retention and every muscle fiber is showing.. this book is for you. Advanced tactics for getting

But there’s a catch. And I know you’ll agree it’s reasonable.

Because these bonuses are very valuable, I can’t hold them for everyone. I’m sure over 500 people out of my list of 5,000 will be clamoring all over this offer - so I’m going to limit it only to the FIRST FIFTY to respond.


Oh, I almost forgot. What will you pay for this amazing deal?

How about $197? No?

Ok, then how about $97? Still too high?

Then shall we say $67?

You could be paying MUCH MORE than this - but I’m going to make you an offer you simply cannot refuse…

Get Jeff Anderson’s Advanced Mass Building
… for only $47

I told Jeff he was NUTS to be letting go of such a powerful information for this price.

( I’m throwing up my hands in surrender!)


Go ahead and take advantage of this deal. Visit his site below:

Then e-mail me with your receipt and I’ll slip the bonuses across.

Train hard and expect success,

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

P.S. - Jeff’s got another special surprise on his sales page - check it out now. And hurry if you want to be one of the first 50 to claim the special bonuses I’m throwing in with this deal! Go to

I’m off to do Week 1 - it has given me 2 new ideas and I can’t believe I’ll be in and out of the gym in roughly 20-25 minutes.

Photo of an advanced mass building bodybuilder by CelebMuscle. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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Rotator Cuff Exercises

May 5th, 2008

One of my best friends complained for over 2 years about his shoulder injury from a snowboarding mishap.rotator cuff injury

Another friend ended up in surgery with a torn rotator cuff after falling on a railing doing some crazy trick.

The latest story from another individual was a popped shoulder and yet another rotator cuff injury where the actual shoulder bone was sticking out!

Don’t even ask me how many men over 35 I’ve talked to at the gym who’s #1 complaint is…


Guess what? It’s pretty common to have some type of shoulder injury as you get older and while it’s bothersome to plain out a life ruining experience, surgery isn’t always the answer and there’s things you can do to alleviate some of the pain.

A rotator cuff injury can affect any age group. Younger people usually experience this pain beginning with some type of traumatic event or injury. Older people defined as “Over 40″ start to feel some pain in shoulders with typical wear and tear.

What is a Rotator Cuff? It’s the set of muscles that attach to the shoulder blade and tendons that ends on the shoulder, together know as the rotator cuff.

It is estimated that more than 3 million people seek advice and care from a physician for rotator cuff problems.

What is a Rotator Cuff Tear in the Shoulder: Potential Signs and Symptoms

  • pain when lifting the arm away from the body
  • pain sometimes accompanied by weakness
  • difficulty in sleeping on the injured side
  • basic overhead repetitive activities cause pain

There’s a lot of talk about prevention of a rotator cuff injury. Maybe you should engage in rotator cuff strengthening exercises? However, the real truth is that most orthopedic surgeons agree that the research isn’t clear on whether strengthening the rotator cuff itself tends to prevent injury.

The best tool is awareness.

Advice for a Possible rotator cuff injury:

  • changing the technique and reducing the activity that aggravates the issues is important
  • seek medical advice if the problem does not go away with rest and anti-inflammatory medication

Only 1 person out of the 3 stories I told you about in the beginning sought medical advice. That’s 33% of the individuals who had shoulder pain that was persistent actually asked for professional advice. The rest, let it heal, the pain persisted for months and over a year and never did fix itself. In fact, the tear probably got worse and while they could have used rotator cuff exercises at home, they did nothing but wait and the tear got too large to just let go.

Seek medical advice! The sooner you get it diagnosed, the quicker you can get on the road to recovery.

In reality, people with shoulder pain should get some type of medical evaluation by a specialist. The signs of a good examination will be one that evaluates not only the rotator cuff but the possibility of nearby bone spurs. The best diagnose comes from an X-Ray and an MRI.

Did you know that a bone spur around the shoulder area can place a person at a higher risk for a tear?

Not every rotator cuff injury means surgery. Even though tendons don’t repair themselves, it’s possible with physical therapy and cortisone injections to reduce the pain significantly. There’s even some rotator cuff exercises you can do at home to help with the pain.

If the pain is significant and does not go away, rotator cuff surgery might be the only option. Treatment options have gone through a significant evolution over the last 5 to 7 years.

A decade ago, any rotator cuff surgery usually meant an open incision. Today, many rotator cuff injuries can be done arthroscopically. This lesser invasive approach allows for a few tiny incisions to be made. As a result, this type of surgery gives the patient reduced healing time, rotator cuff rehabilitation is faster and pain control is better.

In some cases where a bone spur is the problem, it’s possible to treat it with a laser technique.

All of these rotator cuff surgery options can be performed on an out-patient basis. Many times with the patient awake. It’s a significant change from only a few years ago.

The absolute best prevention of a rotator cuff injury is awareness.

If you suspect something, changing your activities or the motion is one way to avoided the potential for a more serious shoulder problem. You can use some rotator cuff exercises to help strengthen the area and do some physcial therapy options at home to reduce the pain. If the pain doesn’t go away, seek medical advice. Many times, surgery can be avoided. If not, the sooner you get the area diagnosed by a specialist, the smaller the tear may be and less invasive prcedures can be used. This speeds up healing time, rehabilitation and allows for better pain control.

WPvideo 1.10

Photo of a the rotator cuff surgery by r.rosenberger. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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Advanced Mass Building

May 2nd, 2008

Jeff Anderson has created a brand new program that launches to the masses on TUESDAY of next week (May 6th) @ 12:00 noon (Chicago Time).gain muscle mass

This program has been appropriately called…

…”Advanced Mass Building“!

The title pretty much says it all…and it really IS “ADVANCED”!

This is NOT a collection of “soup can curl” workouts…

…it’s NOT about “core training”…

…it’s NOT about “interval training”…

…it’s NOT about ANY kind of “foo-fooey” pansy workouts!

I did get myself an advanced copy and took a very detailed look at it while on the plane ride from Florida. I had a good 7 hours to go thru each page and the workouts. After doing a lot of Tom Venuto’s stuff and being a conisour of hard, intense, gut-busting workouts, I can without a doubt tell you…

Jeff’s got a killer combination here. Bring a stop-watch to the gym, a towel, some type of recovery drink as you’ll need it. He’s also promised me an interview on Friday, May 9th, 2008 where I’ll get to ask him detailed questions about his program.

I’m going to post some more specific details in the next day or so.

UPDATE: Be on the lookout from a message from me, Marc David about this Advanced Mass Building program from Jeff Anderson. I’m going to be including some very special bonus offers of my own just for people who take advantage of this offer thru me.

Sneak Peak: Visit Advanced Mass Building

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7 Causes Of High Food Prices

April 26th, 2008

food prices

In recent news, the global hotspots for hunger is only getting larger and more diverse. In just a few short months, I’ve heard conspiracy theories from disgrunted ex-employees of large companies who believe they understand the causes of high food prices. In fact, they do not.

To fully comprehend the food prices, it’s necessary to step out of the thinking locally mentality and see it from a global perspective.

High food prices are not caused by greedy supplement companies or the increased demand for pestisides on local farm crops. While that can change the local economy to some extend, it’s but a rain drop in a massive tsumani.

Source: FAO, 2008

The 7 REAL Causes Of High Food Prices:

  1. A sluggish U.S. economy. If the President and company doesn’t want to admit it, that’s fine. But facts speak for themselves. People are buying less.
  2. Record setting crude oil prices and peak U.S. gas prices.
  3. A larger than normal demand for biofuels and a decline in corn inventories.
  4. Drought reduced harvests.
  5. Commodities speculators.
  6. Rising demand for food supplies in massive countries like China and India.

Out of all the expert theories, reason #6 will continue to make the biggest long-term impact. As China and India start to demand more foods (eggs, chicken, dairy, fuel) than ever before, the supplies we bid on are now being bid on and consumed by other nations.

This increased demand globally will affect the food prices locally.

Suggested Reading:

Food Price Crisis Triggers Questions about Global Food Security

Prepare for a food crunch

Dani Rodrik’s weblog

World Wide Food Price Crisis

Biomass Energy To Drive Up Food Prices In Next 10 Years

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When To Eat That Frozen Chicken Breasts

April 25th, 2008

This group from the Univ. of Arkansas looked at the impact of freezing on the tenderness, water-holding capacity, and color of broiler breast fillets for up to 8 months.

Their conclusion: The results suggest that for optimal tenderness, frozen broiler breast fillets are best consumed within 2 months of freezing.

Because I am a big fan of frozen chicken fillets, this is valuable to know.  Personally my experience has been that frozen chicken fillets beyond 2 months are still okay but the taste is not that great and the tenderness makes it almost unbearable.

Photo of a the cute chicken by Wen Rou. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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Stax System

April 25th, 2008

Eating 5-7 times a day is tough. Organizing those meals is a job itself. The Stax System makes taking your bodybuilding meals around for the day a total breeze. STAX holds your daily meals, portions your food perfectly, and tailors the best food combinations for your specific goals.Eating was never so simple.

Chris Powell Stax System

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with, paid by, or employed by Stax. I just like it.

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