3 Principles of Success

3 Principles of Success as Taught to Me by Jimmy D Brown

What’s the real difference between running a business and taking on the responsibility of health and fitness as a lifestyle?

Not a lot to be honest. And if you look at your current situation, you will see as I did, that the 3 Principles of Success will apply to your goals.

Many gurus (or at least one I know) will start off their programs with a clear call to action asking you to write down your goals. Without specifics and a path to follow, it’s very easy to get lost.

Look over these principles as you listen to the podcast.When I first started this podcast, these principles were easy to understand and apply towards a business. Jimmy D Brown is a valued and trusted Internet Marketer. But what does marketing have to do with fitness?

1) The Principle of Effort

  • Take action
  • Take your best shots in life
  • #1 opponent = discouragement

2) The Principle of Focus

  • Swing for something specific
  • #2 opponent = distraction
  • Impatience is the forerunner to failure
  • You need to gain momentum

3) The Principle of Reason

  • Make an informed choice
  • What should I focus my efforts on?
  • It’s not how to use your time, it’s how to BEST use your time!

To your fitness success,

Marc David